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    While playing in the Club World casinos blackjack tournaments, blackjack players can learn to perfect their game and possibly make a little extra money in the process. Blackjack players can play in weekly contests and win a prize pool amount for their efforts if they make it to one of the top three spots. Players use to have the choice of free games, sit and gos, head to head, high stakes, and freerolls in the blackjack tournament games that were available.

    Club World Casinos
    Accepts All Players

    The Club World multi-tournament blackjack tournaments were cancelled on or around April 1st 2010. Only weekly blackjack game contests are now offered with a portion of a prize pools to win. The following information is now void until further notice.

    Playing in one of the following online blackjack tournaments is fairly easy, as I have played in several of the free games tourneys and won a couple of them as an intermediate player. So anyone who has some knowledge of blackjack can take home the prize, whether it is just free cash or in the real money games.

    The real money games may be a little tighter played, as they are for real cash prizes. So be on your toes and play smart. If this is your first time at their casinos, be sure to see the latest Club World bonuses before playing their online games.

    The entry fees for Club World blackjack tournaments are located on the left hand side in the topics listed below. Have fun in many of the Club World Casinos blackjack tournaments!

    Club World Single Game Tournaments

    Club World Blackjack Tournaments - Free Play

    • P$11 - Mano a Mano - 2 Players - 2,000 chips each - 10 Rounds.
    • P$22 - Sit-n-Go - 5 Players - 2,000 chips each - 10 Rounds.
    • P$55 - 555-5 - 2 Players - 5,000 chips each - 5 Rounds.
    • P$77 - 777-7 - 2 Players - 7,000 chips each - 7 Rounds.

    The top two players in the 5 players game receive 1 VIP point each, and the 1st place player will get roughly 2/3 of the entry chips as 2nd place will get roughly 1/3.

    Note: Earn 30 or more VIP (Victory Points) to gain entry into the Victory Points Tournament and with 250 LP (Loyalty Player) points gain entry into the Loyalty Points Tournament, located in the Multi Tournaments area. More information can be found below.

    Club World Head to Head Blackjack Tournaments

    Club World Casinos' Mano a Mano or Head to Head games are played with two players. Players receive the same amount of chips as shown for each of the following games.

    • $6 - $5 Mano a Mano - 500 chips - 10 Rounds.
    • $11 - $10 Mano a Mano - 2,000 chips - 10 Rounds.
    • $22 - $20 Mano a Mano - 2,000 chips - 10 Rounds.
    • $44 - $40 Mano a Mano - 2,000 chips - 10 Rounds.
    • $55 - 555 Mano a Mano - 5,000 chips - 5 Rounds.
    • $77 - 777 Mano a Mano - 7,000 chips - 7 Rounds.
    • $99 - $99 Mano a Mano - 2,000 chips - 10 Rounds.
    • $198 - $180 Mano a Mano - 2,000 chips - 10 Rounds.

    The higher the buy-in amounts, the more VIP points can be won along with the cash prize for first place. For example; in a $44 game 1 VIP point is awarded for first place and 3 VIP points are awarded in a $77 game. Place finishers also receive LP points in real money games.

    Club World Sit and Go Blackjack Tournaments

    All Club World Sit and Go Real Money tournaments are played with between 3 to 6 players and each player will receive the same chip amount, shown below, at the beginning of each game.

    • $6 - $5 Sit-n-Go - 500 chips - 10 Rounds.
    • $22 - $20 Sit-n-Go - 2,000 chips - 10 Rounds.
    • $44 - $40 Sit-n-Go - 2,000 chips - 10 Rounds.
    • $55 - 555 Sit-n-Go - 5,000 chips - 5 Rounds.
    • $77 - 777 Sit-n-Go - 7,000 chips - 7 Rounds.
    • $99 - $99 Sit-n-Go - 2,000 chips - 10 Rounds.

    The Sit and Go online blackjack tournaments award the same great VIP and LP points as the Head to Head tournaments do.

    Club World High Stakes Blackjack Tournaments

    The following High Stakes online blackjack tournaments are One on One tourneys, and I might suggest for the more professional blackjack player in mind. Each high stakes player will receive the same amount of chips at the beginning of each game.

    • $275 - $250 Mano a Mano - 2,000 chips - 10 rounds.
    • $550 - $500 VIP Mano a Mano - 2,000 chips - 10 rounds.

    I would like to add; with the high stakes online blackjack tournament games the VIP and LP points are much higher for first place wins. So, if you are really good at the game or a pro blackjack player and like to spend larger amounts for larger payouts, these games are for you.

    Club World Multi Game Tournaments

    There are from a few to many Multi Game online blackjack tournaments available, found under the Multi Tournament tab in the Club World Online Casinos. The following small list shows the tournaments played more often, with entry fees on the left.

    • $0.00 - $200 Bankroll Saturday - A weekend freeroll where $200 in cash prizes are given away to several finishing places.
    • 30 VIP - Victory Points Tournament - blackjack players battle it out for the top spots awarding free cash prizes, on the house!
    • 250 LP - Loyalty Points Tournament - the house is adding $10 to the prize purse for every entry. Earn loyalty points by playing in the real money games, and join the fun.

    There are many more online blackjack tournaments available in the multi tournaments area at Club World online casinos. For those of us who love to play the game, look for the free entry games or join in with entry fees from just $1 to $77 and higher.

    All of the above online blackjack tournaments are subject to name and price changes. Don't forget to read the Club World Casinos "terms and conditions" before you decide to play or collect on any bonuses and or winnings.

    Play in Club World Casinos blackjack tournaments and have fun!

    Play Club World blackjack tournaments now!