Caribbean 21 Blackjack

This version of Blackjack is RTG's Caribbean 21, which is a 2 card combination that totals 21. These two cards are composed of an Ace and a ten or a face card. You will find that online casinos use different software and may have different rules of play, so become familiar with the standard rules of Caribbean 21 for the game you are playing at these casinos.

The rules in playing blackjack are not always the same, and so are the rules for this game of Caribbean 21 Blackjack, which are:

Only one card can be dealt to the Aces if split, and also in Caribbean 21 Blackjack, surrender is available on the first 2 cards of any hand.

The payout for Caribbean 21 Blackjack, like that of most online blackjack games, is 3:2, and insurance is available. Buying insurance in Caribbean 21 Blackjack is not recommended by most experienced and professional players.

In this Caribbean 21 Blackjack card game you can play up to 2 hands.