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Bingo has been popular among young and old for a long time. Especially churches have been known to hold Bingo games to raise funds for charity.

The game is captivating, you never know if you will be the next to call: "BINGO". But just as nice is the social aspect. Online Bingo halls have become a meeting place where people come and chat and make friends. Bingo buddies and roomies get very close and discover much in common.

There has never been a better time to play Bingo!

British Bingo Rooms by Software

Select from the following British bingo rooms software catagories, that accept players from the United Kingdom, to visit the online bingo rooms and read their reviews.

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Bingo is also a convenient past time - you can bring the Bingo hall up on your computer and chat a while, play a few cards, walk away and take care of chores, come back and chat some more - sure is nice to break up the monotony of the day!

Bingo games these days have very nice jackpots to win, and the Bingo bonuses you will find available make it inexpensive to play.

We hope you find our research into online bingo useful. We are always open to suggestions, so if you were looking for something you didn't find, let us know. If you picked one of the Bingo halls to try out, you can be confident that they are reputable. Only reputable Bingo Halls make it to this page.

You can chat with your friends at our Bingo Forum, or enjoy our free bingo game.

Have fun!