Club Dice, Carnival, New York, USA Casino, and CD Poker are Blacklisted and Rogue


Clubdice Casino, Carnival Casino, New York Casino, USA Casino and CD Poker room are Blacklisted, Rogue, and have demonstrated very poor business acumen.

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Casino Pays/CPays Affiliate Program is Blacklisted!

The casinos and poker room promoted by the rogue CasinoPays affiliate program are not recommended!

This is about the following rogue casinos:

These casinos are all over the search engines, spamdexing. Especially the rogued Clubdice Casino, the blacklisted Carnival casino, the rogued New York Casino, USA Casino as well as the blacklisted CDpoker are spamming the search engines the same way people try selling Viagra spam to you in your email. This is unethical and must be very annoying to people who are looking for real information in the search engines.

CPays, also known as the Casino Pays affiliate program, has made some progress in cleaning up a contest they were holding. Webmasters were invited to compete for top search engine positions. Well, after prodding Cpays they did make the google webmaster guidelines part of the contest rules.

Good going, nice first step.

Now, if we can see some cleaning up of the search engine spam out there, we can move Casino Pays to probation.

It really isn't hard to do, and there is so very much of it, that it's irresponsible to ignore.

Come on Clubdice Casino, Carnival Casino, New York Casino, USA Casino and CD Poker, clean up the search engine mess that you've created!

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