• Boss Multi-Player Blackjack

    Boss Multi-Player Blackjack

    Almost everyone is familiar with Blackjack.  The game is played against the dealer and can be played alone or with others.  The best hand available is the 2 card combination that totals 21 and is composed of an Ace and a face card or 10.  The difference in the games and the locations are usually in the number of decks used, the dealer stand or hold limits, etc. 

    The rules for this game of Blackjack are: 

    • 6 decks of cards are used and reshuffled after each hand.
    • Dealer's hand has one card face up, one card down 
    • Dealer stands on 17
    • Player's Blackjack pays 3:2
    • You can double down on any 2 cards
    • You can split a split hand
    • The player may double after splitting
    • You can only split aces once
    • Only one card dealt to split Aces

    The table betting limits are $1-100, $5-500, and $25-1000. payout for Blackjack is 3:2 and insurance is available paying 2:1.  Experienced blackjack players usually do not use this option.

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