Happy New Year, Denise M.

Denise M, a 27 year-old bingo player from Birmingham, will never forget 2007's New Year's Day. Her local bingo hall was closed, so she decided to try online bingo - and selected Spectra Bingo from the Games and Casino Bingo listings. Denise won BIG TIME.

Spectra Bingo has many bingo games (both 75 and 90 balls) with a great community of bingo players from all over the world. Everyone loves the chat there. Spectra gives £1.00 to each and every new member. By the way, Spectra Bingo matches the player's deposit also – so if you start with £10.00, Spectra Bingo adds a bonus of £10.00 and you start to play with £20.00.

Denise M. was Spectra Bingo's best player – she spent Spectra Bingo's £1.00 gift to purchase 10 tickets (10p per ticket) -- and BINGO! – Denise won £26.00 (shared with another player). Denise bought another ticket, and voila – another £27.00. This was Denise' lucky day, and she kept playing and playing – and at the end of the day she had more than £1,800.00 in her account that she cashed out happily.

Spectra Bingo was very proud of Denise achievement and had asked her to kindly share with all of us her story – so here we go, the un-edited story of Denise:

"I play bingo about 3 times a week at my local bingo hall and was feeling a bit bored on new years day (my local bingo hall was not open) so I decided to search Google for an online bingo site and seen Spectra Bingo was giving new players £1 free to try the site so that's what I did. I had no expectation of winning but I thought at least I would get to see if I like playing online bingo before putting my hand in my pocket I thought £1 isn't very much so I put the £1 into one bingo game and bought 10 tickets in a 10p game and to my amazement I shared the prize of £26 with another player I was very chuffed, I then played another game of bingo and won £27! I thought I must be on a lucky roll so I gave the slots/scratch cards a try and it wasn't going to good as I was just getting small wins and I was down to my last couple of pounds when I won £500!! on a 50p scratchcard I couldn't believe it and I thought I must be playing for fun but I checked my balance and sure enough it was in my account I began to think I cant lose I upped the bet to £1 and £2 per scratch card and won more big wins im now at £1800 and am in the process of withdrawing that amount. I've been playing bingo since I was 18 and am now 27 and have never won anything close to £1800 in all the years ive played at my bingo hall. What a great start to the new year my luck is looking up thanks to you! when I tell my friends from my local bingo hall what ive won im sure we will be meeting up at spectra bingo instead."

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