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Vista Gaming Bingo

Vista Gaming is a U.K. company, that was first incorporated back in 2005. Vista Gaming says that it has been active in the gambling market since 1996, but this was actually due its involvement in offline casinos. As an online casino platform developer, it has only been in the market for just over ten years. However, it has only been in recent years that the Vista Gaming brand has begun to gain traction with online gambling fans.

Vista Gaming specializes in providing online casino operators with a full featured online bingo platform, that has been branded individually to them. This means that online bingo fans who play at Vista Gaming online sites, get to play using a software platform developed from the ground up for bingo.

General Interface

The single thing that stands out about the Vista Gaming platform, is how well it works for online bingo sites. As mentioned previously, the entire platform was intended for online bingo. Unlike other developers, who have simply deployed online bingo games using their generic gaming platform, Vista Gaming is a bingo specialist.

The software platform that Vista Gaming licenses to online casino sites, is notable as one of the best performing of its type. It also connects multiple bingo rooms together with a unified chat interface. 

However, as with any platform licensed to individual online casino sites, it only covers actual gameplay. All other functions such as cash deposits, lobby etc. are specific to the online casino you are playing at, and nothing to do with the Vista Gaming platform at all.

Bingo Games

Vista Gaming, as we have already discovered, is a specialist in online bingo game development. So as we can expect, the range of bingo games on offers is quite wide. 

75 ball and 90 ball bingo form the basis of most of the games, but many come with a twist. For example, 75 ball bingo games can also be speed bingo games. This adds another layer of depth.

Vista Gaming has also developed some hybrid bingo games. This includes Bingo Poker, which fuses, as the name suggest, online bingo with online poker. And also, a really innovative bingo game, in the form of Team Bingo. This game allows groups of online casino players to pool their efforts, and share winnings.

A final cool feature that Vista Gaming has developed, is the whole idea of bingo side bets. This lets bingo players do things like bet on whether the next ball will be an odd or even number, or will it be higher or lower than the last ball? This adds some really fun options to online bingo.

Web Based Play

Web based play using the Vista Gaming online bingo platform is fast and slick. This is probably because it has been streamlined for only bingo games. It doesn’t need to download a generic application capable of running many different types of online gambling games. 

Integration with the online casino site itself, is almost seamless. So much so, that it is difficult to tell where the Vista Gaming platform ends and the casino site starts. This is mainly due to the fact that Vista Gaming allows the casino site to deploy the unified chat room outside of the platform itself.

Mobile Platform

As we can expect from a specialised online bingo developer, the mobile platform that has been designed by Vista Gaming is truly exceptional. It is fast, lightweight and easy to install.

If you are in to playing bingo on your smartphone or tablet, then the Vista Gaming offering is recommended, it is potentially the best for bingo lovers. However, it must be said that if you prefer more general online gambling, and like to switch the type of game often, it might be a bit limiting.


Vista Gaming has targeted the online bingo niche, and done very well indeed. If you are a bingo purist, who does not dabble with any other types of online gambling games from time to time, then playing at a Vista Gaming powered casino site could well be the very best choice for you right now.


Vista Gaming Bingo