Parlay Entertainment

Parlay Entertainment Bingo

Parlay Games is one of a new breed of web based games developers. The company does not focus solely upon distributing the games it develops to the online casino market. Instead, it focuses upon the general gamification of a wide range if websites. However, one of the key products the company has designed and developed is a range of online bingo games.

Where Parlay Games differs, is in the fact it does not offer a full blown online gambling platform in the same way other gambling game developers do. Instead, it licenses individual games. The company operates out of its head office in Toronto, and has since it was founded in 1996.

General Interface

It is very difficult to try and put a review together for the Parlay Games online bingo platform, as it does not offer a full platform license in the same way other gambling game developers do. It simply provides a number of games for online gambling sites such as Paddy Power and Unibet to add to their portfolio. This has been a good business model so far, as many other online gambling game developers have lagged behind in producing bingo games, and Parlay Games has developed quite a few.

Bingo Games

Parlay Games has released a number of solid online bingo games, which have been licensed by online casino sites. However, the company is most well-known for its easily integrated vanilla, no frills bingo product. Where other developers have created individual bingo games, that play very much like online slots, Parley Games has taken a different route.

The software the company licenses recreates a standard bingo environment. Allowing the player to run multiple bingo cards, and participate in online bingo through an experience very similar to playing in an actual bingo hall.

Web Based Play

Web based play is simple and fast. No flashy 3D graphics, or over the top sound effects. Just a plain and simple online bingo game, that purists will no doubt enjoy.

Players can run multiple bingo cards at a time, and following the bingo calls is easy, nothing complicated or confusing here. If you prefer your online bingo to stay true to the live form, then you will like this platform.

Mobile Platform

Parlay Games does not offer a mobile platform. However, if the online casino site you are playing at has developed a fully mobile friendly website, you may be able to play Parlay Games bingo.


Overall, Parlay Games has done something different from other online gambling game developers. It has created an online bingo product that is easy to use, and stays true to the original idea of live bingo. Because of this, if you are looking for a plain style online bingo game, then any online casino that licenses the Parlay Games product is going to be a great choice.