Dragonfish Bingo

Dragonfish bingo is a relatively new company compared to other online gambling game developers. Incorporated in 2007, this U.K. firm has managed to scoop out a good market share from the online bingo game market.

Dragonfish provides bingo games to a number of large online bingo sites such as Foxy Bingo and Wink Bongo. It provides the companies that license its platform, with dynamic online bingo games, and a full multi-room chat interface.

General Interface

Dragonfish promotes its online bingo platform as being highly customizable. And because of this, each online casino site that runs the Dragonfish platform changes it in some way, to suit its unique requirements.

However, overall, the Dragonfish bingo platform offers a modern gaming experience, by leveraging advanced web technologies to provide graphically rich, visually appealing games. Furthermore, the Dragonfish platform can be connecting to a large bingo network that has over 140 different competing online casino sites. This means massive jackpots for connected play.

Bingo Games

Dragonfish primarily produces 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games. These are newer style bingo games, that offer more than simply tracking bingo calls on a number of cards. Everything is represented graphically, and there are some really cool extra features. These include the ability to place bingo side bets, and the very slick chat interface.

Web Based Play

When it comes to web based play, Dragonfish has really tried to make sure that it offers the best platform out there. No outdated graphics and old style online gambling games here. Everything that Dragonfish has developed so far, is simply stunning. Add to this the fact that online casino sites can also license the back end system that Dragonfish has developed, and you have a recipe for a great online bingo site. This will combine not just the bingo games themselves, but also access to the multi-site jackpot pools, and the unified chat features.

Mobile Platform

The Dragonfish online gaming platform was developed from the ground up with mobile in mind. What this mean is, that if you are playing at a web based online casino that uses Dragonfish software, if you switch to the mobile version you will experience pure mobile play. Many other developers simply rehash their games to fit the mobile format. Dragonfish designed them from the get go to be great to play on mobile.


Although Dragonfish lacks the traction of many of the longer operating online gambling software developers, it has managed to overcome this obstacle. In order to break in to the market, it has taken a fresh approach to developing online bingo games. These are completely modern games, and designed from the ground up to be great to play on mobile. The bottom line is that if you enjoy online bingo, track down a Dragonfish powered casino site and give it a try.

Dragonfish Bingo