Premier Bingo

Premier Bingo is not available through our site due to unforeseen circumstances. We suggest these online bingo rooms.

Premier Online Bingo Room

Premier Bingo provides a variety of online bingo games, from their six halls in 30 Ball to 90 Ball Bingo, as well as their newest Free Hall in February 2011, and an impressive selection of instant win, slots, and other casino games!

Premier online bingo certainly makes sure its bingo players are well stimulated, with monthly bingo tournaments, ever-climbing progressive jackpots, and enough chat games to make your fingers cramp; plus get fully entertained and flush with promotions and bonuses.

Premier Bingo online is a member of the Bingo Entertainment Group and joins the likes of Bingo Gala, Imperial Bingo, and Bingo Splash. You may notice the familiar bonus schedule or progressive jackpot amounts.

You may also notice that Premier Bingo not only features the six typical Bingo Entertainment halls; Party 75, Party 90, Blowout 75, Blowout 90, Bingo 30 and Bingo 80, it also features a seventh online bingo hall—their brand new FREE Hall, which was introduced in February 2011.

Premier Bingo Promotions

Outlining each and every special would take up too much of your precious only bingo time, so I'm going to hit the highlights with popular options and unique promotions. Premier Bingo will follow suit with most of the Bingo Entertainment group, and for good reason—if it's not broken, why fix it? See the latest Premier Bingo bonuses before you play.

The Premier online bingo promotions and schedules change all the time, so make sure to check back to their online details and terms and conditions.

Premier Bingo Games

Premier's six typical halls; the following is what to expect to find. Details are still being released about their Free Hall, but we hope it’s self-explanatory.

Each Premier bingo online hall will feature specific hours for specific denominations; games will range from a penny or a pence a piece to 0.25 credits each, depending upon the hour and schedule.

Premier Bingo Side Games

Let’s face it; sometimes we all need a break from the world’s favorite community game. This doesn’t mean you have to leave the Premier Bingo building, however; you just have to open a different door!

There are several progressive jackpots available for these side games, so you aren’t missing out on big money just because you’re taking a break from big money bingo.

Play Premier Bingo online when you’re ready to step into something a little more comfortable. You’ll be glad you did. Premier Bingo does not accept US players at this time.