Maria Online Bingo

Linked with Maria Casino, Maria Bingo features all of the Maria Casino selection and excitement, with the added Bingo bonuses, games, and chat rooms. The same female-friendly environment is woven through every page, whether it's the player avatars or the crisp, sophisticated graphics.

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Aberrant software propels Maria Bingo throughout Europe and Canada—matching languages, currencies, and playbooks to their clientele. Maria Bingo is a member of the Parabol Network, a bingo gaming network known for its multi-language, multi-currency features.

Maria Online Bingo Promotions

Promotions change all the time, but there are certain things you can depend on. Players will always find attractive Bingo bonuses —and plenty of chances for you to double your dough. Here’s a snapshot of what we found so far:

Special Features at Maria Bingo

Maria Bingo's chic white background and simple graphics are a welcome reprieve from the constant bling and flash of other bingo sites. What it doesn't have in animation, it makes up for in its user-friendly sensibility and highly responsive game play.

Maria Bingo Games

There are at least seven different 90 ball games and several jackpot potentials to choose from at Maria Bingo, so you can tailor your game to fit your competitive and risk levels. Want to chase big jackpots? Try Monster. More of a tortoise than a hare? Try Lucky Lounge. Or one of the other seven games!

General Information for Maria Online Bingo

Bingo is more than a game at Maria Bingo—it's a social networking site wrapped up in fun gaming entertainment. See for yourself today!

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