Bingo Mania Rules

Bingo Buck Policy

Effective July 5th 2006, manual bonuses (Cha tBB’s and disconnects) may not exceed the total deposits made to a player’s account for the previous month.
This represents a change in policy as your BB eligibility will now be based on the deposits you have made the previous month, rather than on your deposits for the current month.

New players, however, will be eligible for chat BBs equal to their depsoits for the current month.

As Bingo Bucks are intended to enhance player’s deposits, we hope that this new policy will assist us in continuing to provide bonuses to those players who regularly deposit and play with us, rather than rewarding non-depositing players.

Bonus Money

Bingo Mania currently offers a 150% Bonus on initial deposit and 50% Bonus on all other deposits. An initial deposit is the first deposit of funds made to a player’s account. Existing account holders are not eligible. All Players referring a new members are eligible for a 20% bonus on every deposit made by the new referred member, up to 90 days.

All promotional bonuses are void if not claimed within 30 days of being issued. Bonuses are awarded in the form of "Bingo Bucks". Bonus Bucks are awarded to depositing players in order to enhance their deposits.

Bonus funds are not eligible for play in our Casino Games. They are only for Bingo.

Chat Room Bingo Bucks

Please help us to award BBs to the correct players by letting your GM know when you will be away from your keyboard. Chat is very interactive and many of our chat games require players to respond to the GM. If you miss purchasing a game, are away from the keyboard, or are playing in multiple rooms, please tell the Chat GM on duty.

The Chat GMs will not hold BBs for players who are not in chat. If you do not respond to the GM, these BBs will be awarded to the next player. You must purchase cards to be eligible to receive chat room BBs. If the GM awards you BBs and you were not in the game, please let the GM know in order to be fair to all.
Only active accounts will be eligible to receive BBs. An active account is one where a deposit has been made within the last 30 days.

You must be 18 years of age or older to play in our games.


As of June 1st, 2004, transfers between accounts will no longer be permitted. If your credit card is shared by two accounts, please contact the Customer Service Manager for approval to transfer funds.


Bingo Mania requires a withdrawal minimum of $50, unless cashing out. All bonus bucks will be forfeit upon making a withdrawal. Only one withdrawal request may be made in a 48 hour period.