• Rules for Bingo Gala

    Deposits and other Bonuses: (such as chat games bbb’s)

    Bonus credits given as bonuses either on deposits or through special games are playable but not redeemable.

    • Upon cash out, ALL bonus credits are withdrawn regardless of amount and regardless of method acquired.
    • Should a patron leave an amount of cash over $20 in their account, then bonuses equal to 50% of that amount are kept in their Bingo Gala account.
    • To be credited with bonus credits an account must be funded.
    • First are played cash credits, then bonus credits. (Your cash is played first, then bonuses kick in)
    • 100% Bonus on First Deposit over $20! 50% on all other deposits over $20!
    • A maximum of 200% BBBs on deposits can be credited to an account at any one time. All BBs over this amount go in Bonus Bank. They are released accordingly with further deposits. 
    • For example: a player deposits $20. The received BBs are $20. If we imagine that from chat games $30 BBs are won, then $20 of them will go to player credits and the remaining $10 will go to Bonus Bank. If then the player deposits another $20 the received BBs are $10 and $10 from the Bonus Bank are released.
    • Upon cash out (min $50), ALL BBBs are withdrawn regardless of amount and regardless of method acquired.

    Bonus Bank Exchange

    Now you can exchange your Bonus Bank dollars or playable bonuses!
    The way it works is that you can exchange your bonuses on the 15th of each month. But only once a month! And only $2000 a month! Gifts or playable bonuses as follows:

    $50 in bonus Bank = a mug or a mouse pad
    $500 in bonus Bank = a $20 playable Bonus
    $1000 in bonus Bank = $40 playable Bonus
    $1500 in Bonus Bank = $60 playable Bonus
    $2000 in Bonus Bank = $80 in playable Bonus

    All Bonuses over $2000, can be exchanged the following month. All requests must be sent in on the 15th. If 15th falls on a weekend, please allow until the following week for it to be processed

    Cruise Tournament

    • In case the winner of the tournament has aleady won a seat, he/she may transfer the additional seat to any person of his/her choice*.
    • In case the winner chooses not to go, he/she will transfer the seat to any person of his/her choice*. No cash or cash equivalent will be given.
    • In case of 2 or more winners of the tournament game, another game, or a series of games will be played until there will be only one winner.
    • * 18 years or over

    All players must be 18 years of age or older to play at Bingo Gala. Only one account per household. Each player is responsible for his or her, login-name and password, and hint for password given at registration. Do not choose a nick that is obscene, or inappropriate, or that may offend other players. Management has the right to close any account found offensive, or has false information. Must have a valid email address.

    If you are a winner, and wish to cash our your winnings, Bingo Gala Management has the right to ask you for certain information, proving you are who you say you are, and are of legal age. Bingo Gala does not accept US players at this time.

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