• Bingo Gala Chat Games


    Choose a # 61-75. This will be your Turtle for the races. Watch for the Turtles to win by numbers being called directly above. For example 61 turtle would need B1, I16, N31, G46, and O61 to be called to be a race winner. 1st place winners receive 5 BBs, 2nd place winners receive 3BBs and 3rd place winners receive 1BB


    All eyes on the bingo board , every time you see a number with an 8 called, be the first player to type in chat ‘crazy’ + # called , (example. i28 type ‘crazy 28,’) in chat and you win 2BBs! Note: spelling counts and each player allowed only 1 crazy 8 per game.


    Pick one number between 1 - 75 and watch for it to be called in the game! Call ‘WooHoo’ when you see your number is out! The first three players to see their number called and type ‘WooHoo’ win 3BBs! If you are lucky enough to have your ball called as first ball out in the game, type WooHoo for 10 BBs! SPELLING COUNTS!


    Watch carefully for a set of mirrored numbers to be called, eg B12, I21, or I17, O71. The first 3 players to type ‘mm’ (with the mirrored numbers they see) in chat, win 2BBs each! Example: type 'mm 12 21' for B12 & I21


    All players picks a number. The first 3 players whose numbers connect with 2 others to form a "Connect 3" ( horizontal, diagonal or vertical) yell out 'Connect + (number)' to win 3BBs each!


    During $50.00 coverall games

    Each picks 10 different numbers between 1 and 75 (known as "spots") and try to match all your spots against the first 20 randomly drawn numbers!


    • 2BBs for 4 numbers
    • 4BBs for 5 numbers
    • 10BBs for 6 numbers
    • 20BBs for 7 numbers
    • 45BBs for 8 numbers
    • 90BBs for 9 numbers
    • 180BBs for 10 numbers

    U PICK 2

    Join in chat for your chance to win 20BBs. Pick two numbers. The first 3 players, each game, to get those numbers type "pick 2" in chat to win 2BBs. Get the first two numbers out and win 20BBs


    An hour of super exciting Power Ball action with 4 games chosen at random to get your PB fix every afternoon!!


    My favorite Vegas style Roulette with a Bingo Twist! Players choose a letter and either odd or even. If your pick matches the first ball called in game, you win 2BBs! example: for B 15 all players who have selected B odd win!


    Dare to be in the chat room while playing and get 2BBs every time your nabors wins!


    Super fast and fun BINGO ride!

    Enjoy the faster and breathtaking bingo games during this hour and don't forget to fasten your seatbelts!


    Choose a lucky # 1-15. This will represent your horse for the evenings races. Watch for the horses to win by numbers being called directly beneath for example 1 horse would need B1, I16, N31, G46, and O61 to be called to be a race winner. 1st place winners receive 10BBs, 2nd place winners receive 5BBs and 3rd place winners receive 3BBs. BINGOGALA where horsing around can be fun!


    First 20 balls called are used for POWERBALL. First B number out is the POWERBALL

    1. Select 5 numbers from Section A.
    2. Select 1 number from Section B.
    3. Enter your BINGOGALA Username.
    4. Press Submit

    U PICK 3

    Don’t miss being in chat for your chance to win 20BBs. Pick three numbers. The first person, each game, to get those numbers types "pick 3" in chat to win 10BBs. Get the first three numbers out and win 20BBs!


    The Host will use the first 4 numbers called to 'hop' through the players in chat list, those players she lands on will receive 2 bbs each!


    What’s the opposite of HOT? COLD! Be the first player to get the opposite of the word the Host types in chat, and win 7BBs!


    Bingo while in chat and see what the poker gods have in store for you. Winner gets the last 5 balls called as their poker hand.

    • 1 pair 2BBs
    • 2 pair 5BBs
    • 3 of a kind 6BBs
    • Straight 12BBs
    • Flush(any letter ending in the same number) 16BBs
    • Full house 20BBs
    • 4 of a kind 30BBs
    • Straight Flush (balls spelling bingo) 50BBs
    • 5 of a kind 75BBs
    • Royal Straight Flush *bingo* ending in the same #'s 110BBs


    Pick a # 1-15. This will represent your horse for the mini races. 1st place winners receive 3BBs, 2nd place winners receive 2BBs and 3rd place winners receive 1BB.


    The Host will give you a clue on a theme announced at the beginning of the hour. Guess the answer to the clue and win 10BBs.


    When someone in chat bingos, the Host will use the last number called to find the mystery neighbors. Example: bingo on O75 and the CM will count up 7 and down 5 and pay those players 2 BBs each!


    Guess the last ball called in the upcoming game and if your prediction comes true win these bonuses:

    • 20 BBs if your prediction is 100% correct.
    • 6 BBs if your prediction is within four balls, horizontal or vertical.
    • 4 BBs if your prediction is in the correct letter row, eg. B or N

    Everyone can enter their predictions, but the prize is awarded to the player who has the correct prediction and who is the first to type 'BUZZ' after the last ball in the game is called. Bingo Gala does not accept US players at this time.