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Playing in an online bingo tournament is a strong alternative to a typical cost-per-card game that gives you good chances to win big prizes.

In the online bingo world, there are two main ways to play. The first is to play in regular games where you will pay a set price for each card per game. The second is to play in an online bingo tournament, and this will have you playing over specific periods of time across multiple stages. It's a much different approach, and even though the gameplay itself can be much the same, the actual structure for how you get paid and how much you pay to play are completely different.

Freeroll Tournament Options

In any type of gambling, a freeroll is when you have a chance to win some kind of prize without having to actually risk anything of value. There are plenty of free online bingo tournaments that meet this description, and you'll find that they have different structures with different ways of paying out. Some of them pay out cash, and others pay out free chips or tickets to bingo games that can be used as an opportunity to win real money prizes. The specific approach just depends on where you're playing, but a whole lot of online rooms have these types of events on a regular basis. Many have dedicated rooms just for these tournaments and games as well.

Why Play Tournaments Over Regular Games?

There are some advantages and disadvantages to playing online bingo tournament events instead of playing the regular games. One advantage is that, especially in ticket-based events, you can pay one set price and have a chance to actually play bingo for quite a while with opportunities to win some pretty substantial payouts if you do well. Many players also enjoy the competitive nature of these types of events, and they like the idea of going up against other players in a more direct manner.

The only real disadvantage of playing these tournaments is that you don't always have as much flexibility as you would with normal games in terms of scheduling. This is a minor issue for most players since you can view the tournament schedule ahead of time, but it's an important thing to keep in mind so that you don't double-book yourself.

A Ticket-based Structure

The most common approach to online bingo tournaments is based on a ticket structure. The idea is that there are multiple rounds to the event, and they will play out over several days or weeks at different times. You will purchase tickets to enter the initial stage, and your winnings come in the form of tickets to the next stage. This process repeats until you get to the final stage where cash prizes can be awarded that are much bigger than what you would find in more typical gameplay.

For an example of how this would work, suppose there is a four-round tournament with an opening round, a quarter-finals round, a semi-finals round and a finals round. You would start by paying for your tickets to the opening round, and inside of the opening round, you would try to win tickets to the quarter-finals. Prizes in the quarter-finals would be tickets to the semi-finals, and prizes in the semi-finals would be tickets to the actual finals. Once you're in the finals, all of the prizes come in the form of payouts.

Much Larger Payouts and Wins

When you find yourself in the final round of an Internet bingo tournament, regardless of the structure, what you'll notice is that the prizes are very large in comparison to the cost of the actual tickets you bought for the opening round. The reason for this is that relatively few people make it to the finals compared to the number of people who bought into the first stage, especially considering that most people give up easily after one or two ticket purchases. As a result, these events are a great value for players who are on a winning streak and who think they can make it into the deeper rounds.

Leaderboard-based Bingo Tournaments

Another way to structure a tournament for online bingo is to have leaderboards and qualifying events. There will be a series of qualifying games that typically have a small entry fee, and the better you perform in those events, the more points you win that put you on a leaderboard. You'll usually get points for each game you enter as well.

The prizes in this style of tournament are awarded based on your position on the leaderboard itself. The higher you rank on the board, the better the payout you get. One of the advantages of this type of tournament from the player's perspective is that, if you don't have a strong showing in the first few qualifying games, you can cut your losses and skip out on the rest of them since you know you'll have an uphill battle for trying to place high on the leaderboard.