• Rules for Bingo Liner

    General Rules

    • To participate in a game at Bingo Liner the player must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Strictly one (1) account per household. If management discovers duplicate accounts for the same person, the less active account will be closed and any payouts requested from duplicate accounts will be considered void.
    • If there is more than one winner in a bingo game, then the prize and or jackpot will be shared equally between all winners.


    All deposit bonuses will be credited immediately to your Bingo Bonus account. Please allow 24 hours for all other bonuses to show.

    Players that have not made a first deposit of at least $20 are only eligible for game prizes, which will be credited to your Bingo Bonus account. Once you have made your first deposit, all future game prizes won will be credited to your "real" cash account and you will become eligible to win jackpots and bonuses. The jackpot amount won will be added back into the Progressive Jackpot.

    Please Note: Bonus money will be forfeited if an account has been inactive for more than 6 months.

    Bingo Bonus Rules

    Real money balance will always be wagered first. (This is money that you have deposited)

    Bonus money cannot be withdrawn.

    Bonus money can only be used for purchasing bingo cards. Bonus money cannot be used to play games such as slots.

    Cash Out Rules

    You may request a cash-in only one time during a 24-hour period.

    If you request a cash-in and your last purchase has been wagered three (3) times on bingo, your full cash-in will be processed.

    3 times means, for example: if you deposit $20, you have to play for $60 to be able to cash out without forfeiting you bonus Bucks. It does not have to be all at once.

    Should you want to cash-in your real money without meeting the wagering requirements, you would have to forfeit ALL Bingo Bonuses that you have accumulated.

    You can now choose to reverse a cash-in. Money can be reversed within a 48-hour period only. You can reverse the money if you click on Bank and then on the REVERSE button. If you lost Bingo Bonuses on your cash-in, they will be returned to your account upon reversal of the cash-in.

    Players will not earn Bingo Bonuses on a purchase unless both the Real Account balance and Bingo Bonus balance are less than $5. For example, if there is a balance in the Real Account of more that $5, and a purchase is made, no Bingo
    Bonus will be credited in respect of that purchase.

    If you have a pending cash-in and wish to deposit, you will not earn a bonus on your next purchase until your cash-in has been processed - which is 48 hours

    All cash outs will go back into however you made the deposit. Via neteller, firepay etc. CANNOT be credited back to a credit card in the USA, Canada or Australia!!
    All cash-ins will only be processed after a 48-hour pending period has lapsed. You will then receive your money within 1 business day.

    (You will be able to reverse cash-ins during the first 48 hrs only).
    Minimum cash-in is $50.

    Due to the high banking costs of processing cash-ins, we limit the amount of cash-ins to 2 per 7 day period.

    Please refer to the “MY ACCOUNT” page for any wagering information by clicking View/MyAccount in the game software. Also note that the cash view will only reflect wagering for the last 14 days and might not always correspond with the information displayed in the wagering section of "my account”. If you require any information regarding wagering requirements.

    Chat room bonuses  (Chat games BB’s) can only be won if you  are  playing in current  game, and active in chat, and have made a deposit.

    To see the many ways you can deposit, CLICK on CASHIER. There you will see all the ways the site has to deposit.

    Chat Room Conduct

    • No offensive, indecent or abusive language
    • No complaining. Please send all complaints toaccounts@bingoliner.com
    • No harassment of other bingo players
    • No exchanging of account information or status
    • No mentioning, discussing or promoting of any other online bingo site.
    • Respect the CM and CL’s and their authority at all times.

    Invite a Friend

    Your friend must use the same email address with us when registering (or we cannot track them)

    Your friend’s first deposit must be at least $20.

    The referring player will not qualify for the $20 FREE bonus if the invited friend has already downloaded at any affiliated sites.