Astro Bingo Chat Games

Tuitti-Fruity Chat room Games

Games are offered as Fixed Schedule games and regular chat room games offered randomly or by request by our Hosts on duty.

Games uniquely offered in the Tuitti-Fruity hall by our Hosts


Choose a number from the B row, 1-15. You need your B and the N and O across from your B to be called to win. First place 6 BBs, second place 5 BBs, and third place 4 BB. (Example) If you choose 6, you need B6, N36 and O66 to be called to win.


Lucky of a B,choose from 1-15, if your B is first out, you win 5 BBs.


Like peppers? Pick a pepper, B I N G or O. First pepper to connect 5 consecutive numbers wins 5 BBs.


Bingo  on a B or I, the 4 nabors above the winner win 5 BBs. If bingo is on N, G or O, the 3 nabors below the winner win 4 BBs.


The first 5 balls called to make poker hand. The winner of the game will win the poker hand based on the table below.

• 1 pair - Win 4BBs
• 2 pair - Win 5BBs
• 3 of a kind - Win 6BBs
• Straight - Win 7BBs
• Flush - Win 9BBs
• Full House - Win 10BBs
• 4 of a kind - Win 15BBs
• Straight Flush (Example: Calls spelling BINGO) - Win 20BBs
• 5 of a kind - Win 30BBs
• Royal Straight Flush - Calls spelling BINGO that end in the same number (Example B15, I25, N35, G55, O65) - Win 75BBs


Winner is in chat, the Host takes the last digit of the last number called and goes up the chat list to find the nabors. The first number out in the next game determines the amount of BBs the nabors get. (Example: If the last number out is O68, the Host goes up and down 8 roomies from the winner to find the nabors. If the first number out the next game is B7 they split 7 BBs. If the number is N45 the Host adds 4+5=9, then they split 9 BBs.)


Choose your lucky number from the B row, 1-15. You need your B, I, N, G and O across from the B you chose to be called to win. 6BBs for first place, 5 BBs second place and 3third place 4 BBs.


The Host has scattered nuts all around the room. Win the game & pick a number from 1-15. The Host will count that many steps to see what kind of nuts you find.

• Nabors 3rd up & and 3rd down win 5 BBs
• Double nabors 4 BBs
• Nabors 5BBs
• Winner & nabors 4 BBs
• Winner & Mystery nabors 5 BBs
• Winner & nabors 4th up and 4th down win 4 BBs
• Double nabors 4 BBs
• Mystery Nabors 5 BBs
• Nabors 6th up and 6th down win 6 BBS
• Winner 10 BBs
• Winner 7 BBs
• Winner & mystery nabors 4 BBs


The Host will take the last digit of the number bingoed on and count down from the current holder of the Hot Fruity Nuts to determine who will hold them next. The first holder of the nuts will be counted down from the Host. The holder of the Hot Fruity Nuts wins 5 BBs and their nabors win 4 BBs


Pick 2 lucky numbers from 1-75. When both of your numbers are called yell "FRIED BANANAS (with your numbers)". The first 2 players to holler win 5 BBs.

There are also other games offered by our Hosts in the USA and Zodiac Hall.


The last digit of the number  bingo’d on by a roomie will determine how many pins you have knocked over and how many nabors up and/or down you receive. B and G are UP, I and O are DOWN, and N is UP and DOWN. BINGO on B15 and the 5 nabors above you win 3 bb’s each. BINGO on a number ending in 0, that’s a strike everyone in the room gets 2 bb’s.  Wow Lots to be won!!

Bingo War is a chat room special that is jointly held between our 3 chat rooms. This is purely Fun, fun and more Fun.


USA versus Zodiac. USA versus Tuitti-fruity. Tuitti-Fruity versus Zodiac!!! For the specified hours in the room, your mission is to bingo. Each time you bingo, your room will get a point. At the end of the one hour, the room with the most wins will get 8 BB's. The second place room will get 4 BB's. the honourable Genral Pixie and Genral Wiz will be commanding your troopers. There are 2 one hour battles. May the force be with you.


Our Hosts will play bingo in the USA hall. All our Hosts will likely be buying their cards to the max. The jackpots will be high, awfully high! When any Host has bingo, her jackpot will be split by the roomies. The JP will be high. Win big if you have bingo, win BBs if the Hosts win. Everyone wins. As long as you show up in the room, you are bound to win something.

Join us and find out why this has been our most popular chat room special in the past, you may win some biggies that are beyond your expectation. 


If you have bingo and you are in  chat , you will be able to pick a coconut numbered from 1 to 75 from our coconut board prepared by Host Theador. You can win up to $75 comps. You may be requested to pick from 1 to a possible 4 buddies to receive prizes also; or pick your nabors to win comps. It is a mix of our standard buddy prize board, prize board, nabors, digging…etc. all mixed in one. 


Everyone will pick a number from 0-9. The Host on duty will take the bingo number and the last digit of that determines who will "dash for cash".

For example; if the winning bingo number is G54, everyone on "4" will be "dashing for the cash". The next game, everytime a number with a 4 comes out….the "dashers" get 2 bb's, if all the 4's come out…that's 16 bb's. 


Using first 5 balls called. 1st.ball goes in Column 1 (down), 2nd ball in column 2 (down) ETC. 5th ball is a bonus ball and can be used in any of the 4 columns. Every hit on your numbers earns you 2 pts.

• 2 PTS = 3 BB'S
• 4 PTS - 4 BB'S
• 6 PTS - 5 BB'S
• 8 PTS - 6 BB'S
• 10 PTS - 7 BB'S


Host Sagie will be hosting the Family Feud. The room will be split into 2 teams. Each team will accumulate points based upon chat room games and bingo wins. The team members of the highest scoring team will receive $10 in comps. The runner up teammates will receive $5 comp each.


Each player will pick a number and a flavor. B-Berry, I-Indian Apple, N=Nectarine, G=Grape and O=Orange. If a roomie bingo's on your flavor, you have the fever and win 4 BB's. if a roomie bingo's on your number you win 10 BB's. 


Each player will pick a B (1-15) number. The first B called in the game will be the piece that moves. The second B will indicate the number of spaces moved. Landing in the Fruit Bowl will earn you 3 BB's. Landing in the Grab Bag will earn you the total of the first G out in the next game divided by 2. For example, G 56= (5+6)/2=11/2=5.5 or 5 BB's. The 0.5 will be thrown in the Free Picking as 1BB. In the event the total should be odd, the odd BB's will be added to Free Picking pot starting at 20.00. Land on Free Picking, all players sharing that game piece will share the pot. Receive 7 BB's for collecting all the properties in one group. Receive 8 BB's for collecting all the Railroads. Receive 3 BB's for Passing GO. The game piece that has collected the ost properties at the end of the game will win 10 BB's.


Each participant will select high (39-75) or low (1-37) with 38 being neutral. The Host, will monitor the first ball out on every game for a period of one hour and assign one point to the appropriate team. At the end of hour, the team with the most points will earn 6 BB's each with the team with the least amount of points earning 4 BB's each. 


Each player must submit 8 numbers to by 3pm (Eastern Coast Time) the previous day. Please note, you must keep the same number for the priod of one month before requesting a change. The Host in the chat room will randomly play Keno on games with all numbers called. The first 20 numbers will be recorded and payouts will be as follows:

• 0 number=2 BB's
• 1 number = NOTHING
• 2 numbers = NOTHING
• 3 numbers=3 BB's
• 4 numbers=5 BB's
• 5 numbers=7 BB's
• 6 numbers=10 BB's
• 7 numbers=15 BB's
• 8 numbers = 50 BB's with special override.


Bingo winner and his/her nabors will win a prize determined by when their bingo number comes out in the following game.

If numbers come out:
• Ball 1-5 wins $7
• Ball 6-10 wins $5
• Ball 11-15 wins $4
• After ball 15 wins $3


There are 24 cards… Numbered 1-24. They have different denominations of money on those 5 BBs - 15 BBs. The nabors of each winner will pick two cards, if the cards match….they will win the amount shown. If not…. They still win 4 BBs and the cards remain in play. Once the cards are matched they are removed. It is your job to keep up with which cards are where, as the Host will not repeat it. 


Celebrate with the current and past Members of the Month, MOMs in our USA chat room during the early afternoon. All the past MOMs are always invited to join us to play and chat in our chat room, the most 12 recent MOMs are comped to play so that the jackpots can be increased substantially to benefit our bingo players. If any of our MOMs has bingo, the winner will be invited to name 3 roomies to receive additional comps from our Host. Join us in the USA hall to mingle with our MOMs. The jackpots will be high, super high for the early afternoon. If you win, you will win big. If our MOMs win, you will also win comps. 


Each player will select nickels or dimes. When a designated game is called, the nickels will score a point for each number called ending in 1, and the dimes will score a point for each number called ending in 3. At the end of one hour, the team with the most points will win 10bb's and the second place team will win 5bb's. Two One-hour sessions will be played during the three-hour time frame.


Every time a roomie wins, $5.00 goes into a pot. The roomie with the most wins at 7pm (Eastern Coast Time) gets the jackpot. The winner's nabors 4 up and 4 down win $10.00. In the event of a tie, the pot will split and nabors will win 5 BB's.


Each player in chat picks a letter, B-I-N-G-O. The first letter to get the first, middle and last number on their column wins 4 bb's! For example: if you chose the letter "B", you need to get B1, B8, B15 to win!!

• B: 1, 8, 15
• I: 16, 23, 30
• N: 31, 38, 45
• G: 46, 53, 60
• O: 6, 68, 75 


Choose a number from 1-12 which will be one's lotto number. If your lotto number matches what our Host on duty has picked, you win 10 BB's.

For example:Our Host on duty has picked the following 12 sets of numbers:

• LOTTO 1 --> 1 14 27 40 53 66
• LOTTO 2 --> 2 15 28 41 54 67
• LOTTO 3 --> 3 16 29 42 55 68
• LOTTO 4 --> 4 17 30 43 56 69
• LOTTO 5 --> 5 18 31 44 57 70
• LOTTO 6 --> 6 19 32 45 58 71
• LOTTO 7 --> 7 20 33 46 59 72
• LOTTO 8 --> 8 21 34 47 60 73
• LOTTO 9 --> 9 22 35 48 61 74
• LOTTO 10 --> 10 23 36 49 62 75
• LOTTO 11 --> 11 24 37 50 63 13
• LOTTO 12 --> 12 25 38 51 64 26
• EVERYONE --> 39 52 65

If the bingo number is N41, Lotto 2 is the winner.

The $10 is the base chat room comps pending on ones playing in the past consecutive games and has deposited in the past 7 days. 

All the game hours are based on Eastern Coast Time.

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