Gammon Empire Backgammon

Gammon EmpireBackgammon is one of the new hot commodities in online gaming, and very few sites do it better than Gammon Empire. This unique website allows players to compete against others all around the world. As the slogan says, "Play backgammon - make friends." Yes indeed, but it never hurts to go into that "friendly" competition armed. One of the great features of Gammon Empire is its "backgammon school", in which an online tutor helps the player decipher the right way to play, correcting mistakes and making suggestions along the way.

For example, the "tutor" will suggest when the player should double. This is important, since doubling is such a critical part of the game. In fact, in any situation, the tutor will offer the first, second and third best moves for the player. The backgammon school is for real money players only, but that seems only fair; It is an invaluable tool, especially for the beginner, making it well worth any initial deposit the player could make.

Downloading the software takes just a couple of minutes (you can preview the game from the front page). The graphics and interface are superior. The player can look up his/her game history, customize the settings, etc., and the game board is very realistic and user-friendly. For those who don't want to download, there is a Java version available as well.

The site does allow for "practice" play, which will assist novices in getting familiar with rules and procedures on how the game is played. When playing for real money, you can join an existing table and be "matched" with someone else, or create a table for yourself and a friend to compete. An equal stake is offered on both sides, and the winner essentially takes all. There is no play against the "house,' so to speak, because there IS no house. Gammon Empire takes a commission off the final win sum of the game. For instance, in a single money game with stakes below $20, the commission is 4.9%. From $20-$100, it's 3.9%, and for stakes over $100 it's 2.9%. For series match games, it's the same basic formula but works slightly differently.

Tournaments are a big staple of the operation. They happen 24 hours a day, and fall into several different categories. Gammon Empire has "Sit & Go" tournaments just like a poker site, in which the player wins and advances in a match play format. The buy-ins can accommodate any level of player, ranging from $5 up to $200. Swing tournaments call for each player to have an equal amount of chips and play until somebody has all the chips, like a "freezeout."

Deposits can be made through Visa and MasterCard, Diners Club, PayPal, NETeller, MoneyBookers, or wire transfer. The site deals in a number of languages, including Italian, French, Japanese and German. Support is available 24 hours a day through email.

Backgammon has always been a very good gambling game, mainly because of the presence of the doubling cube. This format brings an additional element to that - making match play for money very easy and accessible. No longer do you have to go out of your way to find a game with somebody in the neighborhood. With Gammon Empire, the whole world is your neighborhood!!