United Partner Program Terms & Conditions


United Partner Program Licence Agreement

1. Registration. By registering with our United Partner Program, you signify that you accept and will abide by this Agreement with Affiliated Web Attractions (AWA). Your registration will establish a secure account (with Username and Password chosen by you) which will give you access to the restricted areas of the Program, and we will assign a unique Partner ID (PID) to your account.

2. Tagging Players. When you select different Promotional Opportunities to promote, you will be presented with unique URLs or encoded links incorporating your PID, along with complete instructions as to how to use, distribute or display them. When properly implemented, the accounts of players who register with an AWA property through those URLs or links will be tagged as belonging to your partner account. It is your responsibility to implement the links correctly and to verify that they are functioning as intended (we provide instructions for testing). We accept no responsibility for tracking mis-tagged or un-tagged players.

3. Tracking Player Activity. The Program's tracking system will record every wager, game outcome and financial transaction made through player accounts that have been tagged with your PID.

4. Payment Methods. Payments will be made by your choice of

Each of these methods has a minimum payment amount. If at the time of payment the amount owed to you is less than the minimum, it will be added to the balance of the next payment period. Through your secure partner account, you can configure payment methods and check the status of your account at any time.

5. Payment Schedule. Each week we process player activity tracking data for the previous week to determine the revenue generated for that period by those players tagged to your partner account. Your expected earnings will be calculated and listed as "pending" in your account balance while our operators perform post-processing procedures. Post processing, which includes game data analysis, financial verification and fraud screening, takes about a week.

At the end of that time, your earnings for the payment period will be adjusted if necessary (for example, if we have to reverse credits to a winning player because of fraud, your earnings would go up), and your payment is released. Thus, while payments are made every week, there is about a week's delay between the end of the period and the release of payment for that period. After you've been generating revenue for a couple of weeks, your regular weekly payments should start to arrive at your location.

6. Negative Balance Carried Forward. Your earnings are calculated on the aggregate revenue generated by all your tagged player accounts. When these combined player accounts lose more than they win over a weekly period, you will earn a profit. If your players win more than they lose, the gaming property is losing money. Naturally, you won't have to pay any of those losses, those are covered by the AWA properties. However, the amount of the loss is a "negative balance" that is carried forward to the next weekly period. Your combined player account activities from the next period will have to make up that negative balance before you start earning profits again.

7. Adjustments for Processing Fees. AWA properties provide a wide variety of deposit methods to players. Some of these (such as credit cards) involve processing fees that must be absorbed by the gaming property. AWA adjusts player wagers by .5% to compensate for these fees. Since the gaming property is not receiving these funds as revenue, partner commissions are adjusted to compensate for these fees as well. Based on player or market changes, AWA reserves the right to modify this fee at any time.

8. Adjustments for Fraud. AWA properties use the most sophisticated fraud prevention and detection systems in the world. We work hard to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place, but it does happen. When it is detected, we will adjust the combined player account balance for the next period by the amount of the fraud. Sometimes this works in your favor, as when we stop payment to a "winning" player who turns out to be underage or using a stolen card. Then the aggregate losses increase and your profits are bigger. On the other hand, it may reduce your profits when fraud stems from unauthorized credit card use. Again, you don't have to pay any of the loss that we face, but it does affect the balance on which future earnings are calculated.

9. Email Correspondence. Our automated systems require a valid email address for important notifications and other correspondence necessary for the management of your partner account. You agree to receive periodic email correspondence from us, and we agree to protect the privacy of your information and to only use your email address for legitimate Partner Program messages and correspondence. We will not give your email address to any third party.

10. Long Term Relationship. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with all of our partners. Nominally, you will enjoy a share of the revenue from players you attract for one full year from the date of each player's registration. However, you can easily extend that in perpetuity by continuing to actively promote our gaming properties. As long as you are bringing in new real-money players in good faith, we will keep renewing your existing player base indefinitely.

11. IMPORTANT: Good Web Manners. As an AWA Licensee, you will exercise good Web manners in your promotion of AWA properties and programs. This means that you will not engage in any unsavory, intrusive, deceitful, deceptive, pernicious, obnoxious or socially irresponsible practices. You will respect the privacy, integrity and intelligence of your audience and you will not treat them in any way you would not want to be treated. Failure to promote within the bounds of good manners will result in the immediate and irrevocable termination of your partner account with forfeiture of all payments and earnings, as well as possible civil and criminal actions against you. The following are just some of the pernicious practices we prohibit:

Use of SPAM. Using misleading and/or unsolicited e-mails, messages, newsgroup or chat postings, and other such techniques collectively known as SPAM is strictly prohibited. Do not SPAM.

Use of Spyware or Viruses. Spyware and Viruses are software programs that are secretly or deceptively placed on a computer without the owner's informed consent. Do not use or distribute Spyware or Viruses.

Hijacking. Hijacking is changing the operation of browsers, computers, servers, etc., to redirect the user from the intended operation or function. Do not engage in hijacking.

Misrepresentation of Offers. Misrepresenting the offers, bonuses, promotions or benefits of AWA properties or programs as something they are not. This includes charging fees for free software or free services provided by AWA or AWA properties. Do not misrepresent our offers.

Misrepresentation of Entities. Misrepresenting yourself or your organization as someone or something you are not in order to deceive your audience into accepting your message or offer. Using a generic pseudonym for personal anonymity is okay, claiming to be a government official or famous celebrity is not. Do not engage in misrepresentation.

If you engage in any such practices, your victims will complain to us so there is no way you will escape detection. We will promptly eject you from this program and cooperate with authorities to see that you are punished to the fullest extent possible.

12. Compliance with Applicable Law. AWA is accessible worldwide on the World Wide Web. It is the sole responsibility of the partner to thoroughly research any and all applicable law and only utilize AWA's offerings in the manner and to the extent allowed by applicable law in partner's jurisdiction. If AWA offerings are in conflict with applicable law, partner should not utilize AWA offerings in any manner whatsoever. AWA accepts no liability or responsibility of any nature whatsoever for any claims arising out of partner's use of the program in contravention with applicable law.

13. Disclaimer of Liability. AWA accepts no liability or responsibility of any nature whatsoever for any claims arising out of partner's actions, including but not limited to: advertising via techniques known as "spam", posting or distributing deceptive information aimed to mislead existing or prospective customers, using materials copyrighted or owned by a third party, or any other unlawful actions undertaken by partner.

14. Translations. In any discrepancies between translated versions of this Agreement, the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.

15. Termination. To maintain our integrity and safeguard the rights of Internet users and the online player community, we reserve the right to terminate any partner's account for misrepresentation, fraudulent or abusive activity, SPAM, or violation of the spirit of this program. AWA Management's determinations and decisions in this matter are final and binding on all parties.

16. Modifications. AWA reserves the right to modify or amend this Agreement at any time. If it is amended or modified, you will be notified by email through the email address we have on record for you at the time of the notification. Please keep your email address up-to-date and make sure it is accurate.