• Casino Rewards Terms & Conditions



    We do not allow hits from spamming or listing on newsgroups, or any other fraudulent method. In the event any of the above conditions exist, we will invalidate all current traffic and terminate your account without notice.

    The CasinoRewards tracking system will be the sole method for determining the payments and will be binding on both parties. We will provide you with a password and login name for up to the minute monitoring. CasinoRewards will pay you a commission for players who click on our banner at your website depending on which one of the options you choose. At the time of joining the Affiliate Program you must nominate which option you have chosen.

    Option 1: $50 for every referral who signs up and deposits $100

    We'll pay you $50 every time someone you have referred initially deposits $100 or more at one of the sponsor casinos (this will be defined as a sign up or join from now on)

    Option 2: Percentage of revenue the people you refer spend on one of the sponsor casinos

    A sliding commission scale of net revenue derived from transactions from deposits with players you refer. Net Revenue means Gross Bets less Payout less Charge Backs and CasinoRewards credits to the players account.

    Player Referral Commission

    • Net Revenue - 35% For all levels of rev.

    Webmaster Referral Commission

    A commission of 5% based on the Net Revenue of players from Webmasters that you refer to us directly


    • In the event that we detect any sort of mechanism that falsely generates hits to the website, we will invalidate all previous traffic and we will prosecute the person responsible to the fullest extent of the law. Even if you have not knowingly generated such traffic we reserve the right to withhold referral fees with respect to such traffic.
    • We will send payment by the 7th of each month. No check or transfer for less than $200 will be issued (unless you request that we close your account) so the amount will be carried over to the next payment period. All payments and amounts mentioned in this Agreement arein US Dollars.
    • If you choose the 10 cents per click payment option and your account becomes unproductive (worse than 1 signup per 500 clicks) we reserve the right to automatically switch you to payment option 2 being $50 per signup. This change will be counter active and your account will be adjusted to reflect the change.
    • If you choose the $50 per referral payment option 2 and the majority of your referrals are promotional hoppers being players who only play for a small amount of bets and then cash out with all or part of the promotional bonus either within or outside of the promotional rules we reserve the right to fully pay you in accordance with option 2 and switch you to payment option 3 and pay you from the date of switching over a percentage of the player revenue in accordance with the terms and conditions.
    • We may terminate any account for any reason with full payment.
    • No affiliate can profit from an account generated by themselves or by a relation of any kind to the affiliate member. If an affiliate is caught profiting from an account generated by themselves they will forfeit any earnings they have made and their account will be terminated.
    • If your Profit/Admin ratio is below 2.1 and your Purchases/Admin ratio is below 6 then all admin given is deducted from you profit to the casino.
    • We may modify any of the terms contained in this Agreement at any time by posting them on our website.