Affiliate Basics

A Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Relationship Overview

In most cases there are two parties, the Merchant and the Affiliate. The Merchant usually has a product or service that they sell. The Merchant has a product or service to sell, while the Affiliate acts as a sales force for the Merchant, doing all they can to promote the Merchant's products or services.

The Affiliate directs traffic, or potential buyers, to the Merchant. Should this result in a sale, the Affiliate will be paid a percentage of the value of the sale.

Tracking Sales

Merchants are required to have tracking systems in place so that when an Affiliate sends a potential buyer who makes a purchase, this sale can be recorded against the Affiliate.

These systems generally consist of what is known as a Tracking Code or Link ID. This is the primary tool used to track the activity of the Affiliates' referred potential buyers. It usually consists of a web address with a tracking code that is linked back to the Affiliate in the Merchant's Affiliate Program backend.

Most good programs will not only show Affiliate sales but also how many visitors they have sent, where they have sent them from and access to critical promotional materials that help increase sales.


If a Merchant operates an Affiliate Program properly they are essentially employing a sales force that knows how to drive traffic to their website.

The Merchant does not pay an Affiliate unless a sale is generated which, in many cases, has greater appeal than spending money on continually testing new advertising avenues.

For an Affiliate, there is no need to stock their own product, deal with customer inquiries or support. This is all handled by the Merchant and means that the Affiliate can do what they do best and drive qualified traffic to the Merchant.

In essence, the Merchant (or Affiliate Program) and the Affiliate must work together to create a win-win situation. The Affiliate supplies potential buyers and the Merchant makes the sale and supplies the product and support.

RevenueGiants - Casino Affiliate Program

Revenue Giants is the casino affiliate program for Bingohall, InternetBingo, BingoForMoney, VicsBingo, WinwardCasino and SlotsVillage.

Affiliates promote these sites and direct players to these world-class gaming sites where people can play casino and bingo games for real money.

Players that are referred to the sites are recorded against the Affiliate account and at the end of each month the Affiliate is paid up to 40% of the Net Gaming of their referred customers (Net Gaming = Deposits minus Withdrawals).

Any players referred by the Affiliate remain as earning players for as long as they continue to play. Potential commissions from just one player are endless.

The Revenue Giants affiliate program has custom tracking software to ensure Affiliates are receiving their percentage of each sale as their players enjoy world-class casino and bingo gaming. Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

Roo Wright - Affiliate Manager