• $500 Vegas Tech Slot Tournaments: Only 4 Days Left!

    10 November 2010


    $500 Vegas Tech Slot Tournaments: Only 4 Days Left! Play for Free!

    Lucky Lady slots has proven to be a worthy adversary for several players, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get in on the action. Entry is completely free with a small deposit to the following select Vegas Technology casinos:

    • English Harbor Casino: It wouldn’t be a VT tourney without English Harbor on board.
    • Super Slots Casino: No cape required.
    • VIP Slots Casino: For both Important Players and Interested Participants
    • Millionaire Casino: If you had a million dollars, I doubt you’d be interested in our tournament–but boy would you be missing out.
    • Slots Galore: Several slots to play, only one tournament to remember: The $500 Games and Casino Exclusive
    • Caribbean Gold: This GNC Exclusive location features tiny paper umbrellas. At least in your mind. Shoes optional.
    • Silver Dollar: Place your minimum deposit and play in the tournament for free at Silver Dollar online casino!

    The only way to access the tournament is through the links above. Winners are determined by how many points they can earn over the course of their spins. We’ve got more details, game reviews, and tournament action at our dedicated Online Slot Tournament page.

    Read about the Games and Casino Exclusive Slot Tournament launch in last week’s blog