• US-Friendly Online Poker Tournaments Hit The States

    19 August 2011


    ClubWPT, as in Club World Poker Tour, has found a way to give US online poker players a way to keep doing what they love, and it’s called Subscription Poker.

    It’s a brilliant premise, actually: pay a specific fee on a monthly or yearly basis, enter unlimited tournaments with no buy-in (and therefore no real risk), and, through your poker skills, have a chance to win the cash and/or prize promotions available. It’s not gambling; it’s a competitive club.

    And, speaking of US-Friendly poker tournaments, there are quite a few to choose from. No-Limit Hold-em is a site favorite, so you’ll see that several times on the list. What changes is what you are playing for, be it cash, points, prizes, or chips. It’s difficult to list all the online poker tournaments that make up the $100,000 monthly cash up for grabs, but here’s a quick idea:

    • $10,000 Guaranteed Cash No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments
    • Deepstack $2,000 Cash (every Saturday)
    • WPT Boot Camps
    • TAGTuesdays: The prize? TAGHeuer sunglasses worn by Formula One Champion Kimi Räikkönen.
    • $200 Nooners: ClubWPT takes Hump Day seriously with a noon tournament worth a couple of Benjamins.

    VIP members get access to all the cash and glory, including seats at the World Poker Tour live tournaments, but basic members, who pay nothing for their membership, can have a pretty good time with all the play money tables until they’re ready for a more committed experience.

    Read more about ClubWPT as mentioned in our Poker Blog, which also includes a graphic that details which states are eligible to play at this forward-thinking online poker room.

    Right now, you can take advantage of getting two weeks of the VIP experience for free. Play poker in peace already.
    ClubWPT US-Friendly Poker