29 June 2006


    Did you know backgammon is considered the world’s oldest board game? Backgammon used to be popular in the 90′s and thanks to the internet the game is taking the world by storm again!

    TC.ADS, one of the world’s most sophisticated online marketing agencies, specializes in performance based marketing solutions in the high profit Online Gaming fields. They believe the standard of service affiliates receive is of paramount importance. Their goal is to contact each and every affiliate from the get-go to establish any individual needs and requirements an affiliate might have, offer support and a any help necessary now and for the lifetime of the partner.

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    Affiliates can expect to benefit from generous commissions, monthly newsletters and incentive schemes plus a sub-affiliate program, allowing profits to be earned through referrals to other webmasters.

    Since it’s inception in 2002, TC.ADS has taken up a strategy of specialization, providing games that not only capture a player’s imagination, but provide a partner platform that enhances business opportunities.

    Proof of this came at the beginning of 2005 with the introduction of Online Backgammon and Play65. TC.ADS promoted this to become the leading Online Backgammon software provider for playing money games and impressive cash prize tournaments.

    With over 1 million registered players to date including 10,000 players online at peak hours, it is down to the strategically enhanced marketing techniques of TC.ADS that has earned Play65 its crown, enabling it to become the World’s Largest Online Backgammon Room.