• Two more days to qualify for the $250 GNC Exclusive Tourney!

    13 April 2011

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    Games and Casino can’t seem to stop giving back to its players. It’s a compulsion, really. Good thing I’m one that has a knack for preying up on those who just can’t help themselves.

    Just kidding. But seriously, this is yet another free slots tournament in a long string of free slots tournaments hosted through Games and Casinos at some of the best casinos on Vegas Technology software. With nothing to lose, and some free cash to gain, I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening. (Well, only if Matthew McConaughy isn’t around).

    All the free online slots tournament details are found on the $250 Exclusive GNC Tournament page at Games and Casino. I won’t bore you with a replay, since the details are nicely spelled out elsewhere, but here is the gist:

    • Featured Slot Game: Beat the Bank online slots, a 5-reel, 25-payline game with solid jackpots and plenty of opportunities to play bonus games and free spins.
    • Free Slots Tournament Timeframe: The tournament started on April 1st and goes through April 30th.
    • Tournament prize pool: Top prize gets $75; prizes go through the top 20 participants.
    • Tournament Buy-in: Absolutely free, as long as you’ve made a deposit to the participating casinos by April 15th.

    Don’t you love getting paid for something you would be doing anyway? Then there’s no reason not to join in on the fun. Well, unless you’ve got Matthew McConaughey waiting in your living room. And then we wouldn’t blame you.

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    Accepts All Players Except Canada Players