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    Vegas Downtown Blackjack by Microgaming is just like downtown Vegas: old school, simple gambling without the fuss and craziness.

    In Vegas Downtown Blackjack, the typical Microgaming blackjack rules apply: the dealer always hits on a soft 17, a player’s blackjack beats the Dealer’s blackjack, splitting is allowed up to three times, and doubling down is available after your first two cards without restrictions.

    While insurance is available, the late surrender option found in many Microgaming blackjack games is not. The game’s slight variations include the ability to re-split Aces and, most importantly, the game is played with only two 52-card decks that are reshuffled after each hand.

    Vegas Downtown Blackjack is also available in a multi-hand game. Since it only features two decks, it’s a great way to test your ability to read the cards and make decision based on what’s on the table.

    If you are new to the Microgaming blackjack line, check out the features available in “Expert Mode”. The auto-play option will play each hand according to the strategy table you choose, and you can customize the strategy table to your level of risk.

    In my opinion, while the auto-play feature is a great way to take the emotion out of the game, it is also a great way to take the emotion out of the game—and isn’t that kind of why we play the game in the first place? On the other hand, it does allow for some down and dirty, quick blackjack games.

    Table limit is 500 credits.

    Vegas Downtown Blackjack is one of over 40 different blackjack games in the Microgaming suite. Once you’ve mastered this one, I suggest trying the rest of them until you find the Microgaming blackjack game that suits you best.

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