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    A typical American hole blackjack game, Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold by Microgaming gives you a big punch of fun with two decks of cards.

    There are a lot of ways to play blackjack, and we should know—we review a lot of them.

    Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold is one of the plain and simple variety; it’s great for purists, newbies, and those looking to get back to some of their online gaming roots.

    Since it is a Microgaming Gold edition, you can expect fast play and smooth, effortless animations. You can also expect the following rules:

    • Your blackjack will always beat a Dealer’s blackjack..
    • The Dealer is forced to hit a soft 17.
    • The Dealer will check for blackjack when his show card is an Ace or a 10-value card.
    • Doubling Down is allowed on any 2 cards and may occur after a split.
    • Splits up to three times are allowed, but Aces can only be split once (with one card subsequently delivered to each).
    • Ten-value cards are considered equal in terms of splitting; for example, you can break apart a natural ten and a Queen.

    Minimum table bet is 1 in Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold and maximum table bet is 500.

    Microgaming’s “Expert Mode” is available in this game if you would like to create your own strategy table and set the game up to AutoPlay.

    You’ll also be able to customize the speed, sound options, and other game settings to further personalize the experience. Game rules are instantly available with a hover of your mouse, and you can float amongst Microgaming’s intense blackjack game selection relatively easily.

    Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold is available in single-hand and in Microgaming’s classic mode, which makes a total of four ways to enjoy this particular game.

    Each casino below carries its own flair, so you’re faced with several great ways to enjoy blackjack at its finest.