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    Vegas Downtown multi-hand blackjack gold is powered by Microgaming to give you a pure and simple hole card game without side bets, surprises, or disappointments.

    Played with two standard decks of 52 cards, Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold is more than a game; it’s a state of mind.

    Vegas Downtown Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold table.

    Is set with betting limits from 1 to 200 credits. The Gold edition of this game brings you superior animation and chip play, and also brings with it the “Expert Mode” that Microgaming is known for in its blackjack games.

    “Expert Mode” allows you to personalize a blackjack strategy table by selecting your actions on nearly every possible pairing of cards. Once you complete it, you can AutoPlay as many hands as you want as if you were at the wheel.

    It’s multi-hand meeting multi-task.

    The game itself is relatively straightforward and follows the general Microgaming blackjack rules (summarized briefly below):

    • You can double down on any 2 cards.
    • Doubling down after a split is allowed.
    • A Dealer’s blackjack will always bow to your blackjack.
    • The Dealer is forced to hit a soft 17 and will check for blackjack when her show card is an Ace or a 10-value card.
    • You may split as many as three times, except with Aces, which can only be split once (with one card dealt to each before forced to stand).
    • Unlike ten valued cards may be split, so if you want to split the King and the Queen, it’s your prerogative.

    Vegas Downtown multi-hand Blackjack Gold is just one of many blackjack varieties available from Microgaming. Try them all at the following recommended casinos.