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    If you’ve just come from Cryptologic’s Atlantic City Blackjack, you won’t notice much of a difference in their Vegas Blackjack version-except for the fact that this game is played with half the number of decks (four) and it comes in a variety of table limit options.

    Play one or all five hands in this multi-hand Vegas Blackjack game from Cryptologic.

    And speaking of the various table possibilities, here’s the range that is available to you:

    • The Low-Roller tables range from $5-$100 and $5-$500, allowing you to stretch out if you happen to win a few hands in a row.
    • The Mid-Roller tables are from $10-$250 and $25-$500, and may appeal to the slightly more sophisticated player-however, you’ll notice these bets are completely within the Low-Roller parameters.
    • The High-Roller tables don’t mess around; one table starts at $100 and tops at $2,000, the other one starts at $500 and places a maximum limit at $5,000.

    Keep in mind, these bets are per hand and affect the bet on the initial cards only (i.e. not double downs or splitting).

    The Vegas Blackjack rules follow Cryptologic’s general guidelines-one split allowed, no restrictions on double downs, and like-value cards can be split. As usual, surrender is not offered, but insurance is.

    You have the ability in the “Settings” section to set the standard for how you’d like to handle the repetitive questions (Insurance? Doubling down?).

    Regardless of what level of play you are at, and how much you feel comfortable wagering, you’ll find Cryptologic’s Vegas Blackjack to be constructed from the finest genius in animations and speed.

    Cryptologic makes online blackjack games seem elegant-almost luxurious-from the lobby floor to whatever tables you choose. Try one of the recommended casinos below and see for yourself.