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    Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold is latest addition to Microgaming’s Gold Series, a group of selected games offering players unique and expanded wagering options. Win a fifty times bonus with a royal flush and with a slight twist to table card games; this game gives you three hands to choose from, thus the name triple pocket.

    Each game begins with the dealing of three pairs of pocket cards, all face up. Each pair is dealt first to you, and you’ll have the option to hold the cards or pass them to either of the Dealers (“Deal Again”).

    If you pass on the first two pairs, you will have to accept the third pair. At that point, the community cards are dealt and the hands are then compared. To emerge victorious in the Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold online game, your poker hand must beat both Dealers’ hands. The payout will depend on the value of the hand you are holding.

    Each Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker Gold game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and shuffled of course in between games.

    Betting in Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker Gold.

    This Triple Pocket game's wagering ranges from a $1 coin up to the max bet of a $200 coin. Maximum win is 8,200 coins. Win a 50 times bonus with a Royal Flush!

    The Payouts in Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker Gold.

    • 50:1 - Royal Flush
    • 20:1 - Straight Flush
    • 10:1 - Four of a Kind
    • 4:1 - Full House
    • 2:1 - Flush
    • 1:1 - Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, and One Pair wins against the dealers.

    Special Features/Quirks in the Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker Gold Game.

    • Help: Select the question mark in the upper left-hand corner of the game screen for all the instruction you'll need to master the game.
    • Chips: Select the arrows on other side of your chips to increase or decrease the denominations.

    The Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold is a fun online poker table game with a shallow learning curve, great for beginners and experts alike. Start mastering the triple pocket entertainment and have fun!