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    Triple Action Holdem Bonus Poker uses a 28 card deck, with all the 9's thru Aces from a deck-of-cards, and two optional side bets for bonus and flop, on top of the ante and play bets.

    As one of Microgaming's Gold Series in poker, players can win fifty-times their ante with a royal flush!

    I know of a lot of friends who love to play cards and this Triple Action Holdem Bonus Poker table game will be right up their alley, figuratively speaking.

    To start off your Triple Action Holdem Bonus poker game you must first place the ante bet, and then select which of the options you would like to bet on; the bonus bet and/or the flop bet.

    Triple Action Holdem Bonus online poker wagering.

    Is made by placing an Ante bet ranging from $1 up to $100, the Bonus and Flop bets can be placed from $1 to $10, and the Play bet is the same as the Ante bet. Get the full wager details (since some casinos have different wagering) at one of the recommended Microgaming online casinos at the bottom of this page.

    Triple Action Holdem Bonus Poker - Ante Bonus.

    • This Holdem Poker's Ante Bonus will be paid out for a Full House or Better.
    • The Ante Bonus is awarded in any case; whether or not the Dealer qualifies or wins the hand.
    • The Ante Bonus will be taken (forfeited) if the Player folds.

    Triple Action Holdem Bonus Poker - Bonus Side Bet.

    There are three rules to how the bonus bet will be paid, and those are:

    • On the Player's dealt hand (of course),
    • Independent of the Ante bet,
    • And if the player folds with a qualifying hand.

    Triple Action Holdem Bonus Poker - Flop Side Bet.

    The Flop side bet also has three rules how it can pay:

    • Only on the 3 community or flopped cards,
    • Also independent of the Ante bet,
    • And can also pay out on a fold (with a qualifying hand).

    All Ante, Bonus side bets, and Play bets will be paid according to the Triple Action Holdem Bonus Poker pay table. See this game's pay table for more details.

    After the Triple Action Holdem Bonus poker bets are placed, the Player (you) and the Dealer will then be dealt two pocket cards each. At this time you may fold if you do not think your cards will beat the Dealer's, or it's a hand you don't want to play. If you fold, your side bets will then be given back as a push, but the ante bet is lost.

    Next, three community cards (the flop) will be dealt onto the table, if the player didn't fold, then the player will make the Play bet to continue. If the Dealer qualifies with 9's or better, and the Player's hand is better, the player wins the Ante and Play bets.

    If the Dealer and Player hands are equal, it's a "push", and the Ante and Play bets are returned. If the Dealer wins, the Player will lose both Ante and Play bets.

    Play Triple Action Holdem Bonus Poker today; it's an easy game of online Holdem poker!