• Usoft Gaming Casinos

    There are certain niches that aren't always covered in a lot of depth in the online casino industry, and the adult entertainment industry is one of those. USoft Gaming is a company that has been running since 2016, and they focus on this particular niche. They are primarily a live dealer game provider, but they also boast a small number of slots with adult themes. If this is the type of thing that you're into, and no one is blaming you if you are, then this is a software company you'll want to get familiar with because they're one of the only companies focusing on this niche.

    Live Game Selection

    Their live dealer selection is the main focus of what they have to offer. In terms of game selection, they have most everything covered (no pun intended) with roulette, blackjack, Baccarat and casino hold'em. These are the four most popular live dealer table games available in the industry as a whole, so we have no complaints. You'll have the typical ability to chat with other players and with the dealers during these games.

    The major twist on the experience is that most of the games are hosted by dealers who are in various states of undress. This can include various types of lingerie or plain old nudity. While it definitely adds a different feel to the experience, it's important to acknowledge that these ladies are sufficiently trained as dealers as well, so you won't have to worry about the visual entertainment slowing down your games in any substantial way. With that having been said, the focus definitely isn't on the gameplay with this particular product.

    Slot Offering

    This company also has a handful (again, no pun intended) of slots available with various adult themes. They are largely pornographic in nature, and they're mostly just available on the Pornhub Casino site. Examples of these games inlude "Cheerleaders," "Pirates' and "Teens." They all feature stars from the adult entertainment world along with photos and video from actual pornographic shoots. It goes without saying that all of these games are very much not safe for work and should be played with an appropriate degree of privacy.


    USoft Gaming focuses on a very adult niche within the industry, and we think that's completely fine since it's an industry that centers around adults anyway. You aren't going to find their games unless you go out of their way to look for them, and that keeps you from running into adult content if you'd prefer not to see it. Regardless, the quality of their games, especially their live dealer games, is very high, and they aren't just running these titles off of their adult entertainment qualities. Overall, they're producing good games that just happen to have a pornographic theme to them.