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    up-gamesJoining the thriving online gaming industry in 2021, UP Games brought a wide range of flexible solutions designed to deliver a supreme-quality player experience. Focused on pushing the limits and relying on cutting-edge technologies, this creative gang is determined to inspire and bring innovations.

    Taking a look at the portfolio, punters shall encounter all the players’ favorite adventures- baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Broadcasted from the classy studio, all of their games come with plenty of customization options, ensuring the finest casino experience.

    So far, the studio tied knots with multiple business associates, with more of them bound to come in future days. 888starz.bet, Sapphirebet Casino, Oppa888, JVspin, VBet, BetWinner, and Parimatch casino are some of the facilities whose lobbies accommodate games from this inventive provider.

    Pushing Innovations

    Landing on the developer’s official website, one won’t find much information- is it because they are too busy brainstorming some innovative solutions and top-class games?

    Jokes aside, but it is true that the site itself doesn’t look impressive, but remember the old saying- don’t judge a book by its covers. This “book”, to say so, brings a story of enthusiastic game developers united in a single mission- to inspire all members of the entertainment community to thrive.

    Realizing that chasing innovations is the only way to remain visible in this highly competitive industry, they are concentrated on seeking modern solutions and attractive concepts. The forward-thinking gang is positive that their superior products are designed to make the audience come back for more.

    Equally important as delivering inventive solutions is the customization of content. It refers to multiple fields, namely- different markets, various profiles of players and skill levels, and of course, versatile devices and platforms.

    Tailored content is the way to go, so every supplier interested in boosting global visibility will ensure its products some with a range of customization options. It can be anything, from languages, currencies, interfaces, all the way to branding options and betting options.

    Reliability and Transparency

    Nowadays, with so many studios announcing presence (and more new ones coming on a daily basis), it can be hard to find the one whose products are distinctive. It is even harder if they manufacture traditional games, which are found in every live dealer developer’s lobby.

    Being a team of passionate professionals with a high level of expertise, UP Games is all about reliability and transparency. Their catalog includes not only attractive baccarat, blackjack, and roulette games, but a comprehensive set of adaptable services for both clients and their customers.

    Describing itself as the most accessible and most engaged partner there is, the studio guarantees 99% uptime and high-quality content, suitable even for those with the highest skill levels. On top of that, they offer customizable services and quick turn-around, managing to meet the demands of various profiles of business associates.

    An important thing to add is that their gaming sessions are streamed from a gigantic studio of 1,000 square meters, ensuring an authentic atmosphere from the most glamorous brick-and-mortar casinos. Let’s not forget to mention professional and experienced live dealers, thanks to whom all the playing sessions are maximally enjoyable.

    The Importance of Modern Technologies

    It’s not a secret that online casinos have been at the forefront of digital innovations, being the first ones to promote new iGaming trends and solutions. After all, an industry like this leaves plenty of room for experimenting. When it comes to live dealer games development, it’s not just the fancy surface that counts, but all the technology behind these products as well. 

    One of the first factors is cameras- both the quality of the footage as well as the view angles. An average studio usually provides three angles of view, but UP Games decided to level things up by providing 6 of them.

    Furthermore, it is very important to optimize the releases to work smoothly without lags or latency while ensuring high-speed streams. Also, developers are challenged to find smart solutions for the storage of temporary data at the same time making it secure from hacking.

    Finally, we are all aware that mobile devices have become important and integral parts of our lives. For that reason, the developers need to put continuous efforts to make their content optimized for all types of portable gadgets.

    These are just some of the many aspects and corners developers need to pay attention to, in order to produce games that capture the attention. That’s why they are continuously challenged to explore the possibilities, look for modern solutions, and what’s most important- set new trends.

    Finest Live Dealer Games

    Challenging players to test their skills and try out strategies, the studio equipped the portfolio with three classics- roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

    Let’s start with roulette, a game with a lengthy history and reputation, that has been conquering casino-goers since the 17th century. One of the reasons it became so popular worldwide is the fact that the basic rules are so simple. Yet, it takes a while to polish the skills to perfection.

    Gaming sessions are broadcast 24/7 from the well-equipped studio, guaranteeing the fun never stops. Also, 6 different cameras are used to make the atmosphere additionally realistic.

    Then there’s baccarat, which is crowded with suspense and intrigue. Being an easy-to-learn game, it comes with three possible outcomes- Player win, Banker win, and tie. Contestants can place bets either on a player’s or banker’s hand. Worth stressing out is that the “Banker” doesn’t refer to the house.

    Finally, there’s blackjack, a game played more than baccarat, craps, and roulette combined. Though it mainly relies on chance and luck, solid knowledge of skills and strategy can sometimes turn things in your favor.


    Looking at the UP Games’ catalog of games, the first impression could be:

    “What’s so special about these guys? It’s the same old roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, isn’t it?”

    The fact that they are dedicated to providing all-time popular classics doesn’t make them “yet another live dealer studio”. Being able to find new perspectives in games that have been (and will be) exploited so many times is definitely not an easy task. But UP Games seems to have managed it.

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