• Soft Magic Dice Casinos

    Soft Magic Dice has been around since 2012, and their reputation at this point mostly centers around the excitement over having another option for US players contrasting with the fact that several of their games are buggy at times. With that having been said, they offer a good selection of games with a larger proportion of table games than most software developers, and all of their games and lobby screens have a solid presentation.

    Game Selection

    The selection of games available at casinos powered by Soft Magic Dice revolves around a selection of about 45 slots, about eight of which are three-reel games in the classic style. They have another 20 parlor games, and they also offer between 20 and 25 table games including video poker. It's important to note that their video poker games do not ever include the ace as a low, a rule that's exceptionally atypical. It's also important to note that, at the time of this writing, some of their blackjack games offer the player an advantage in the range of 0.7 percent with correct play.

    It's worth noting that a number of the games used by this company were originally developed by Wizard Software, a practically-defunct software company whose last operator closed up shop back in 2009. The connection to Soft Magic Dice is unclear at this point in time.

    Platform Options

    A downloadable software platform is available for players who use the Windows operating system. Aside from that, you can also play directly from your Internet browser using an instant play option which supports Windows, Mac and Linux as long as you have Macromedia Flash installed. It's possible to access this instant play platform from certain smartphones and tablets, but it's not designed for a mobile experience, so your ability to play can be hit and miss depending on which games you're looking to play. The main problem with it is that the platform is not guaranteed to have controls that will be scaled to an appropriate size to allow you to play. Note once again that it's not designed for mobile in the first place.

    Safety and Security

    The random number generator for the Soft Magic Dice software is tested by iTech Labs, a fairly well known independent auditing company. They also use the same high-level SSL encryption to protect your account information, financial details, transactions and date that's used for banking institutions. This is the standard in the industry, and it's good to see that they adhere to the right level of standards when it comes to protecting your interests.

    Other Issues

    One major hit against Soft Magic Dice is that they have a heavy reputation for using email spam for marketing purposes while completely ignoring requests to unsubscribe. We suggest that you set up email filters to handle a potential onslaught of spam if you decide to play with a casino that uses this software.