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    rtc_gaming_g_and_c_Well, this is what we call a true veteran! RCT Gaming is established way before we could even envision gambling online... actually, earlier than we could imagine fast internet connection. It was the year 1994, the era of land-based casinos, only. RTC Gaming, at its beginning, collaborated exclusively with brick-and-mortar entertaining centers; back then, there was no other choice. The main targets of the company were countries of Latin America; the dedicated team of RTC worked patiently to develop premium slot machines and software for real casinos in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico... a couple of years after the company opened, the leading team fulfilled one of their business goals and became the South America leader in casino machine production.

    And then, the new gambling era began...

    For more than fifteen years, the company followed the needs of the land-based casino industry, up till the moment a mobile revolution has occurred; the revelation of online casinos was a clear signal for RCT – they should bring up to date, and step into a new gambling era. The company remained faithful to its prime markets and continued to develop online games mainly for the Latin gambling community. 

    Since they were an influential, reputable name of the land-based industry, RCT needed to make something up, to raise the company to the top of charts of the iGaming, too. The company’s version of video bingo was the release that helped them to stand up from the crowd; since this day, loads of bingo enthusiasts love this game, and gladly return to it, every day.

    Presently, RCT successfully balances between land-based and online casino businesses. The brand is still producing exclusive equipment for non-virtual gambling centers, and just as well covering the needs of online casinos with high-quality games.

    Game Selection

    Inside RCT’s portfolio of online games, players can find a wide range of different products: video slots, lottery-style games, poker, and unique bingo solutions, which made the company famous.

    Since the slot seekers are the most numerous ones, let’s take a second and concentrate on the one-armed-bandits offer...

    Once again, we see an example of “quality over quantity”. The number of machines is not huge; on the contrary, there is something over a dozen releases. Most of them come with a Spanish vibe, which is no surprise, taking that their main audience is from Latin countries. Also, almost all slots include five reels and twenty lines; RCT simply didn’t want to make any risky moves, so it sticks to the classical mechanics. The same thing goes for graphics and bonuses. Rather simple. Traces of creativity are expressed in movie-themed releases such as Jurassical Times. However, this doesn’t mean that RTC’s slots are boring; simplicity can often be more entertaining than too complicated rules, and overwhelming designs. In general, we find their slots very amusing, colorful, and straightforward; RTC has a good, old approach to game designing.

    If you are a fan of bingo, don’t miss the RTC’s unique variations of the famous parlor game: Super Bola and Flex Game are something you probably haven’t seen before, in the bingo category of games

    Mobile Gaming

    When RTC decided to modernize, a couple of years ago, they determined to go all the way! Meaning, they adapted their products to integrate easily to all the devices and operating systems currently in use; Desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, which run of Android, Windows, iOS, and Blackberry software. Gamblers can reach their games via a web browser, no need to download any apps.


    Vast land-based experience, the power to adapt to new technologies, splendid reputation, and tons of satisfied clients. We think RCT Gaming deserves a standing ovation for all these years during which they have managed to stay true to their primary goals while keeping up the step with the latest trends. We wish them never to lose the energy for creating and to keep up the good work for many decades more!

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