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    OpenBet softwareMulti-faceted by nature and showing a great deal of expertise in whatever they put their mind to, OpenBet is a contemporary, forward-thinking corporation whose sportsbook and casino product suite is merely a fraction of the entire shebang that makes them what they are. Taking great pride in their socially responsible way of conducting business and progressive notions such as eliminating gender-based pay gap, it is no wonder their great assets were recognized by one of the industry's giants, SG Digital, who purchased the brand in November 2018 for a hefty price of GBP 270 million. OpenBet's history goes way further than that, though.

    Established in 1996...

    ...the company has since deployed software solutions and an open gaming platform in a multitude of regulated iGaming jurisdictions. At the present moment, they boast a stunning portfolio of over 200 partners and have six offices spreading from North America over London to Singapore and Australia.

    They are powering the “the largest share of the world's online bets”, they are trusted and proud partners of William Hill, Betfair, SkyBet, Ladbrokes and other eminent industry names. A particularly prominent place in their corporate biography goes to the world's first omnichannel gaming solution that makes them the dynamic stand-out brand that values technical excellence.

    But the most visionary act of all...

    ...is the thorough and diligent work on elimination of pay inequality between genders, which has been successfully achieved through careful and intelligent managerial planning and decisions for the benefit of its employees

    At the 2017 Grand National, their sportsbook broke new records, soon after processing over two billion bets.

    Player-Care and Games

    The omnichannel platform is “player-centric”, in a sense that it's committed entirely to the enjoyment and retention of consumers. With that in mind, a corporate study of players' behavior – one of the largest ever – was conducted. 

    Some of its key findings state...

    ...that players still hold free bets and bonuses in high regard and they value simplicity. That mobile devices, although gaining momentum, should not be overly focused on and that retail offerings very much matter. Players are very hostile towards having ads in their games, the survey concludes and all of this has helped create an omnichannel platform with “the right product at the right time for the right people.”

    Within their platform, hundreds of branded, mini, reactor, slot, table, and poker games are comprised from over 15 different providers. These titles are omnichannel HTML5, mobile HMTL5, and desktop Flash.

    Products Overview

    OpenBet's powerful and robust platform...

    ...has been in development for the gaming industry for 15 years. Markets and regulators worldwide such as Denmark's Danske Spil and France's PMU have placed their trust in a variety of their products and capacities that match the exact need of their customers' thanks to an omnichannel approach.

    The sportsbook was built from the ground-up to emerge as a product able to tackle the huge volume of demand from customers of today. It offers any type of betting from fixed-odds and pari-mutuel styles as well as all sporting events, including even some non-sporting occasions people like to wager on. Its core functionality is live betting across all events as is integration with all major sports feeds and information services.

    Casino open gaming platform contains a wide portfolio of HTML5, cross-platform games provided by the world's leading brands. It is highly customizable, as operators can create a custom selection of games in order to meet their punters' needs. It contains traditional table games, slots as well as a suite of marketing capabilities and tools for increased retention.

    In-Venue offering contains terminals that support coupon scanning and bet-cashout and OpenBet Unify links activities in the venue to player accounts which provides cash and account betting. It also has cash management tools, full live betting via Ubet and Promote and live stream of events.

    Player accounts make it possible for a single account to be made across all channels and products, full payment solution with over 50 providers, a wide range of integrations, player protection features, mighty promotions and is compliant with major jurisdictions.

    Poker product allows an operator to control all set-up options, no matter if we're talking table types of tournaments. Containing Texas Hold'Em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo variants, it's White label and B2B ready.

    Omnichannel Gaming

    OpenBet's omnichannel solution is featured in about 2,400 venues and is able to take over 19 million bets in 24 hours.

    Some of the benefits of this are:

    • customers can create accounts across all channels which makes it easy to use
    • activity data support mined through external systems for insights and to tailor services
    • the entire product set is available on all channels for optimum player experience

    The entire concept is envisioned as a way of offering players the best possible experience, which can be best achieved through their “one account” policy

    Content Partners

    Other Services

    Company's platform services encompass an entire suite of tools that help operators run their business smoothly.

    What they'll have at their disposal are...

    ...back-office tools, 24/7 support, best practice advice, compliance support and hosting services. Assistance regarding development and integration is another one of their highly-specialized offerings that help customers create a custom-tailored platform for better differentiation in a crowded marketplace. Team's experts can carry out the works resulting in the introduction of new features, new products, and unique front-ends. Thanks to their existing APIs, any third-party client can get integrated.

    OpenBet delivers a unique gaming content in a sense that they can add new features to game engines (or build entirely new engines) in order to provide more personalized experiences.

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