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    neogames_casino_software_reviewLottery games have never really made it big time into the online casinos, and that is what NeoGames is here to change. Given that they already work together with state and national lotteries, it’s quite clear that they have plenty of experience in these matters. The company has been operating since 2005 and holds its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. Naturally, due to the nature of ilottery, the company operates worldwide in several different jurisdictions mainly in Europe and North America.

    The selection goes a bit beyond just lottery games, with novelty games explored too. The catalogue of games doesn’t include the traditional online slots or table games, making NeoGames quite a specialised software producer. Let’s take a deeper look at the details, and learn all about the company and what it has to offer. We also suggest taking a look at the social media presence they have, as they are quite active on that front too.

    Neosphere - a Platform for Lottery Games

    Lottery games and scratch cards obviously need a platform that allows the casinos and other providers to offer them in an online environment. This means support for both desktop devices and mobile devices so that the games can be reached via all devices. However, the main purpose is to give the casino in question the tools it needs to make the most out of these games.

    Mainly this shows as support for all sorts of payment methods and different currencies, customer management tools so that the sites know which games are popular and for what reasons, and most of all complex bonus possibilities and programs for promotions and campaigns. As you can imagine, this bodes well for players who want a bit of something extra on top of normal gameplay.

    What are eInstant Games?

    neosphere_a_platform_for_lottery_gamesPerhaps the biggest single category of game types for NeoGames are eInstant games. But what exactly are these? It’s quite a good question, and one that isn’t so easy to answer, as the games from this producer seem to be quite unique. These aren’t slots, but neither are they scratch cards, table games or of any other familiar game type.

    Yet the way the games play is quite familiar. Just connect enough symbols and you win prizes. Not only that, but special features are also in the mix in surprising varieties. The end result is something that spices up the selection and ensures that the company can proudly present its games alongside those of any other online casino producer. No wonder they are fast becoming the top dog in their area of expertise.

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