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    GamingSoft CasinosGamingsoft is mostly a white label company, which means that instead of producing slots and other games they provide all-around services for other companies that run online casinos. They do have a few games of their own, freely mixed with all the providers.

    The company is based in Asia(the Philippines being their base of operations) and has been in operation for over a decade. However, it is somewhat difficult to find more specific information about the company. This is not unusual given that they are mostly providing products for online casinos as opposed to end-users(players). Read below for more information on how the company operates and what they have to offer.

    Customized online gaming software and other solutions

    Without a doubt, the main suite of products are different solutions for online gaming companies. These include a vast array of different games and platforms, marketing services, customer service and payments, gambling licenses, back-end and front-end platforms, as well as the integration of all of these. In short: everything you can think of except the name of the casino. 

    Don’t forget the games…

    Besides slots the company offers poker, sports betting, bingo, live-casino, and pretty much everything and anything that a gambler would like to play. It’s up to the individual casino to decide which games they offer, but they certainly aren’t starved for choice.

    The company has also a handful of its own games, though it seems that lately they haven’t really invested many resources in this department. Rather surprisingly, the games that are there use themes that we all are familiar with. The one thing that these slots stand out with is their reliance on jackpots. If that is something that interests you then there’s plenty to explore.

    ...there are more than a few

    For their casino customers, the company offers a suite of over 5000 games, drawing from all the popular and modern game producers. These are not just any games, as the collection comes from the biggest producers in the iGaming industry. There are also more than a few Asian companies, of which some are definitely not familiar to western players. On the other hand, companies like Playtech, BetSoft, Microgaming, NetEnt, Habanero and dozens of other familiar names are easily found.

    But what is there for the player?

    But what is there for the player?For the player, Gamingsoft is perhaps not such an important company. For us who like to browse slots, they offer very little of their own. At the same time, their influence in the winder markets cannot be underestimated.

    Asia itself is a growing market and Gamingsoft brings western games to much wider audiences there, rather than the other way around. This is something that will have an impact in the future, as the markets begin to fuse. And as said, they also hold plenty of smaller companies under their wings, providing their games to other players. It’s a work in progress, but we will see the fruits of it soon enough.

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