• BeeFee Casinos

    When it comes to lesser-known companies that produce solid games, BF Games (formerly called Beefee) is a great example. This company has been around since first opening their doors in August 2013, and in the time they have been up and running, they've produced a number of very solid games. They run out of their offices in the United Kingdom, and they also focus a lot on back-end systems like payment processing and customer support systems. Overall, their games are of a decent quality, but players might have difficulty in actually finding many online casinos that have them available.

    A Split Focus

    The first thing we need to address with this company is that they don't focus exclusively on their games. This is why they have relatively few games compared to how long they have been around. They also have games in both land-based terminals and at online casinos, so it's clear they don't have the online casino focus that many other companies do. Regardless, they still produce great content, but you aren't going to see them have a super strong focus on just pushing their games online.

    Online Slot Selection

    Their selection of online slots makes up the majority of their game offering. They produce titles with great graphics and cross-platform support, so you can play from desktop or mobile. They have a high level of flexibility with their games so that they can offer their content to as many players as possible.

    They tend to have very good presentations in the games they make. Dark Carnivale is a great example of this with its macabre-style carnival theme. Fiesta Tequila is another solid example of Beefee producing a game with strong graphics and gameplay.

    Live Dealer Offering

    Something really interesting about this company is that the only non-slot titles they have available are live dealer games. They produce live dealer tables for blackjack, Baccarat and roulette, and the quality of these games is about average for the industry. They aren't as outstanding as the top-tier competition, but they aren't bad either. One has to wonder why they are putting so much focus on a mediocre live dealer offering when their slots are so good considering the state of the industry.


    The bottom line is that Beefee makes some pretty good online slots, but because their focus is all over the place, including even sports betting, they haven't had the opportunity to get really, really good at any one thing. Because of this and the size of their operation, they have a long road ahead of them since most smaller companies in the online casino software industry have to find success by really standing out from the crowd for one or two things. For the time being, they haven't achieved this yet, and it'll be interesting to see how they try to expand in the future. Our bet is on their slots since they really are solid, but it's anyone's guess the actual direction they go in.