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    b3w_casino_softwareOnce upon a time B3W was an online slot developer. One of the first ones to come out with games based on Flash, which required no downloads and worked directly from the browser with no extra requirements. But that was long ago, and the company seems to since then given up on developing their own games. This is not so surprising, as companies often change with the times, and B3W has been part of the industry since 1998.

    It seems that today the company has morphed into a gaming platform, offering solutions for online casinos. This means that their games come from a variety of other developers, all concentrated on a single point of contact for ease of use. Not only do these include slots, but things like poker, sportsbook and live dealer. But just how well does this system work today?

    Out of Time and Place

    We have to put this disclaimer first here. It is painfully obvious that the company is becoming less and less active, and in fact seems to have quieted down completely as of late. At the same time, sites operating on their platform have all but disappeared. It seems that their gaming solutions are facing the same issue as their online slots.

    Not to mention that even though they were the first, or amongst the first, to come out with online slots based on Flash-tech, they seem to have gotten stuck in the past. That’s not a good thing considering the whole iGaming industry has undergone massive changes since then, and so has technology itself.

    Wholesome Software Solutions

    poker_live_casino_and_sportsbookForgetting what we wrote above for a bit, let’s take a look at what there is available to enjoy in theory. B3W offers pretty much everything that an online casino would ever need to function. And not only that, but everything that you’d ever need for a great and enjoyable online casino.

    You can enjoy their own slots, which might be a bit dated at this point, but still offer nearly two hundred unique titles to explore and bet on. Most players are probably a tad bit more interested in all the other producers available. Names like Net Entertainment, Microgaming, NextGen and Leander Games amongst others round up the selection into thousands of slots. You won’t run out of things to enjoy.

    Poker, Live Casino and Sportsbook

    Once you factor in that the traditional casino games are reinforced by their own poker network, with more than a hundred game types available there’s plenty to enjoy. Add in a live casino that trusts in blackjack, roulette and baccarat and you’ve got pretty much everything you need. And that includes the sportsbook covering all major sports and events.

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