• Lost World Games slots

    Lost World Games is a company operated by a single man that's been running since 2013. What makes this company stand out in the online slot development world is that it's all about what would be considered "nerdy" types of themes, and that means it tackles themes and motifs that you don't see all that often from other developers. When you see what their games are like, you'll notice that quality is also what they're focused on other than those atypical themes, and that goes for both the graphical side of things and the gameplay elements.

    Overall Aesthetics

    Whether we like it or not, as human beings, we're particularly visual creatures. Along these lines, we tend to care a bit more about how games look than maybe we should, especially relative to the gameplay itself. There's nothing to worry about with this company, however, because they make games that look great in a variety of different visual styles. Some developers, especially smaller operations like this one, tend to use the same style of graphics for all of their titles, and that can put players in a position where they feel like they're playing the same game over and over with a different "skin." That's not the case for this company at all.

    Gameplay Values

    On the gameplay side of things, Lost World Games delivers in a major way as well. They do this by tying their features into the themes of the games themselves in a way that gives players a cohesive feel and overall environment. It's a fun way to set the games up, and it definitely puts players in a scenario where they enjoy a higher level of replay value. The pay table distributions of their games are also balanced enough to avoid being nerve-wrecking while still offering top prizes that will get you excited.


    The main thing to understand if you're going to play this developer's slots is that they're all developed by the same person, and you're likely to see themes that are a bit more on the "nerdy" side than what you might otherwise expect. This will be a major plus for a whole lot of players, and it's the kind of thing that pretty much anyone can enjoy. That's why even though Lost World Games has a fairly small portfolio, players love the quality of the experience they bring to the table with their titles, and that has gained them a small but strong following.

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