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    Live Casino slots or Live Casinos slots are online slot games that can be played at Live Casinos, like Celtic Casino, using Visonary iGaming software, or Lucky Live Casino, using Distance Gaming software, or Guru Play Casino, using Smart Gaming software, for their slot games. Players in Europe, the UK, and Orient can play these live casino slot games.

    Within the live casinos online slots list of names, you will come across Loot the Loot slots, Vampire slots, and one I find peculiarly funny, Jungle Doo slots. Plus there is Luxor slots and even one called Gold Casino slots. Check them out for yourself and read how they are played.

    Live Casino online slots are video slots and are unique games that you won't find at big-name software casinos, like Microgaming. Live casinos slots have a variety of paylines with 5-reel games to play, ranging from nine paylines up to thirty-two paylines, and most of them have bonus games.

    Live casino slots also have a variety of ranged wagering amounts, like 0.02 credits to 5.00 credits per payline and max bets up to 650 credits per game or spin. You can make adjustments to these games to fit your wagering style and to what you think might give you more action.

    You can use this Live Casinos online slots page as a bookmark to learn how the live casino slot games are played, or to see the video slot games offered by the live casinos software. Are you interested in the newest online slots? If so, check out our New Online Slots section.

    Live Casinos Slots Note: Celtic online casino and Lucky Live online casino will have different kinds of video slot games. So keep this in mind while you read the above reviews.

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