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    A slot game for the comic book fan, 3Reel Hold-Up slots has wilds, a bonus round, and players can hold the reels in its 3 reels and 3 pay-lines. It is a true caper complete with gangsters, car chases and a rockin’ soundtrack.

    The 3Reel Hold-Up online slots game symbols have many noticeable bank thugs and money sacks that can be found in a bank hold-up. There are also some fruit symbols thrown in its reels for a little extra color, but the bombs is what you will want to see on its pay-lines towards blowing open the safe full of cash.

    The betting limits in the 3Reel Hold-Up slots game range from 1 to 5 credits on 3 pay-lines with an average payback between 95.76% and 98.06%, based upon play strategy and the size of the wager. All awards are multiplied by wagers on winning lines.

    The Wild Symbol in 3Reel Hold-Up Online Slots.

    • The "Wild" sun symbol is the wild.
    • The wild substitutes all symbols except the Bonus symbol.
    • When a wild lands on a reel, the player can hold that reel to attempt a winning combination on the next spin.

    The 3Reel Hold-Up Slots Bonus Symbol.

    • The Bomb "Bonus" symbol is the bonus symbol.
    • Three Bomb Bonus symbols on a pay-line will activate the Bonus round.

    The Big Heist Bonus in 3Reel Hold-Up Slots.

    • Player will go to the Bonus Round if they get 3 Bonus symbols on a pay-line.
    • Player gets to steal one item of bonus loot during the bonus round.
    • Loot is multiplied by the number of credits bet on the lines that earned the Bonus.
    • An extra-large bonus award is attainable by betting the maximum amount.

    Three Bonus symbols landed on an active pay-line is all you need to pull off armored card job, so to speak, and escape with all the loot in 3Reel Hold-Up online slots!