• Slot Winner at Club World Casino

    10 January 2008


    I was playing at Club World Casino, and was playing Goldbeard one of my favorite games. I started out betting one dollar, and hit free spins a couple of times.  Tried $2 and nothing hit, moved it up to $5 and hit free spins, and hit them 2 times again during those free spins for a total of more than 40!!!! Finished free spins with about $500 dollars, and decided to try a few more spins when I hit the random jackpot!!!

    Well, this was a shock….this print screen shows my balance, cause I didn’t even know I won. My hubby was standing behind me and poked me in the shoulder saying “honey, why did your balance jump to $2000?” I looked at the random jackpot amount and sure enough it was reset to $1000!!!!! Whoooohooooo nice hit after the holidays! I love to play at Club World, and I know I won’t have any trouble cashing this out!!!