• River Belle Slot Player Wins $96,890!

    27 February 2008


    Three lucky spins almost back to back!!  The slot fairies were surely with this one!

    Hat Trick, the lucky winner, started out by not being afraid of the Boogie Man and hit $21,600 on the Boogie Monster Bonus Slot. Then he decided to try the Circus out and was ecstatic when he hit The Grand Circus Bonus for $54,040. A little later he decided to look for jellyfish and loaded his pockets with another $21,250 on the Jellyfish Jaunt Feature Slot.  I would have passed out!! River Belle Rocks!!

    He said his luck must have been written in the stars. I would say so, when all this was won in less than 48 hours time!

    He says and I quote: “I play online at River Belle and the other Belle Rock Entertainment casinos because I enjoy the stability of its software and the new games which are continuously added. And now, of course, because of the big pay-outs, I plan to treat myself with a new HD-TV and a trip to Las Vegas,” said Heiniger.

    Congrats!!! Hat Trick, and I hope your luck continues!!!