• LCB Network Announces Acquisition of Affiliate Guard Dog

    20 September 2017

    Lcb network announces acquisition of affiliate guard dog

    The LCB Network (Latest Casino Bonuses, LCB), the parent company of GamesandCasino, has announced the acquisition of longstanding industry fairness advocate, Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD). The team at LCB hopes to use their many years of experience in protecting players to now also protect fellow affiliates in the online casino industry.

    LCB plans to keep things running just as they are with no upset in the day to day business of the website and forum that casino marketing partners rely on to give them a unified voice. In addition to the continued support and protection member and non-member affiliates enjoy today, the website will see the introduction of new ideas and helpful tools.

    Andy, the founder of Affiliate Guard Dog worked tirelessly for over a decade to make AGD the premiere place to get things done and set things right whenever an affiliate program would make retroactive changes to their marketing agreements, introduce predatory terms, or attempt any other form of bad business practice. Sometimes the changes were simply not well thought through, and sometimes they were designed to take advantage of affiliates - either way, AGD has always been able to set things right or send out a clarion call so that affiliates could avoid such programs.

    LCB thanks Andy for what he and his team have built and looks forward to continuing to rely on his wisdom and advice to keep his vision alive and growing.

    LCB's long experience of advocating for player fairness and giving players tools like Direct Casino Support will also be valuable as affiliate protection and player protection often go hand in hand. The first sign that a casino is on its way to treating players unfairly is usually seen in how they deal with their marketing partners, and sometimes the other way around.

    AGD provides public and private forums where affiliates, casino reps, and management can engage in open discussion and resolve differences. The service also provides a list of Platinum Certified casino affiliate programs that must meet stringent prerequisites in order to earn and display the badge of honor. There is an always up to date list of rogue affiliate programs prominently displayed on the AGD homepage as well. While that is in itself enough for many, members and other visitors can simply click "WHY" to find out more about a program's past dirty dealings.

    AGD offers multiple valuable and useful tools and services. LCB plans to add to those and enhance many of the current offerings that have made Affiliate Guard Dog the quiet power it has become in the industry today. The online casino affiliate community can look forward to many more years of assistance in performing their due diligence before signing onto a program, and in holding a casino's feet to the fire if they ever start to act unfairly towards their marketing partners.