• King Kong Video Slot Pays Huge GBP230,000 Jackpot

    14 August 2010


    The 888.com video slot King Kong has produced another big winner as J.H. hits for GBP230,000 ($358,592). 888.com has reported that J.H, a 38 year old man who lives in London, England hit the King Kong video slot Sunday, July 25th, 2010.

    The epitome of beginners luck? J.H. has only been playing at 888.com for 7 days when he hit the huge jackpot. The 25 payline video slot King Kong has bonuses and features rounds and a player can multiply their winnings 7,500 times.

    J.H. has commented that, “I couldn’t believe it… I’ve only been playing for a week. It would be nice to get this every week!”

    Also Itai Pazner, COO of 888.com, said in a statement: “This GBP230,000 jackpot payout is excellent news, and indicates to our players the life-changing potential of 888.com’s games. We are delighted to congratulate J.H. on his good fortune…we wish him and all our players the very best of luck at 888.com.”