• What is a skill game?

    12 March 2009


    My dad was a degenerate gambler. The one thing he taught me was to bet on myself. If you think about it, if you bet on yourself, you only have yourself to blame.

    My game of choice is poker. I bet on myself. At first I lost but I needed to prove myself. I thought that was an easy task, but not now. I didn’t think others would be in the same position as me. When I took it easy, I lost. When I worked at it, I broke even. When I worked harder I started winning. That is a skill game to me!

    This is what my father taught me. This is what I take to the table. I want to win. I want to play skill games to prove I am a winner.

    My game of choice is no-limit holdem. I know the mechanics; I learned how to manipulate the betting. If you want to follow suit, the mechanics will break you even but good betting strategy will make you a winner.

    My best game is Omaha High/Low. Strategy is simple, make sure you have either the nut high or low before you commit yourself. Play for high because that is where the money is made. I could talk for hours on the subject but if you are new, just play nut hands.

    Lets get away from poker. Apparently some USA minorities think poker is a non skill game.

    Blackjack online? I am not so sure. The way I see it, you are limiting you losses. You can play basic strategy all day but with the shuffle, you are behind, that’s unless you use casino bonuses. Live games are different, you can count cards and collect a marginal advantage against the house.

    Rummy? Great game. I grew up with 7 card rummy. When I say grew up, I mean grew up on rummy. I was a 5 year old, honing my skills. It’s laughable nowadays with our PC nature, but I used to roll up my grandad’s cigarettes mid play. 20 cigs a day and I still had tunnel vision on my game.

    13 card rummy was new to me but it didn’t take long to learn. Personally I think the rake is too high but I still managed to profit.

    The house always take their share, its only fair, but if you play on your strengths, you can either fail or win.

    The point of this post is that a skill game, is just that. You have to prove yourself, against your opponent, and the house.

    Whatever game you chose, play to win!