• Spadester Skill Game

    24 September 2009


    The card game of spades is becoming more and more popular on the internet, and at Spadester they have all you need to play the game.

    You can play for free or if you prefer play for real money. At Spadester you can learn the game of spades before you try playing, from some of the best Spade players on the net! You can browse the site to learn all the rules!

    At Spadster you can play with other people and test your skill on the games with the multi-player free spades. Some of the players has this to say about Spadster:

    “Play Online Spades for real money is exciting” 

    “Best online Spades free software I’ve seen!” 

    “Spades is a great game. To play it online is great at Spadester! ” 

     So if spades is your game then give Spadester a try and test your skill!