• Poker is a Game of Skill New Evidence

    15 December 2009


    There is a new game afloat that is going to have a profound effect on the U.S. gambling laws. That is the debate over whether or not poker is a game of skill or just luck. Scientific evidence is starting to look at it as if it is a game of skill.

    Professional poker players know it is a game of skill. You can’t depend on luck to finance your life and livelihood. Lady luck just isn’t all that nice.

    Scientists are trying to answer this question. They are using all types of models and simulations; but the trouble with simulations and models is they just can’t equal the real thing.

    There are ongoing studies attempting to find out the answers. One recent study of online Texas Hold’em players showed that skill becomes a real factor after about 13 hours of playing.

    Another study analyzed over a hundred million hands of poker. It looked into how many hands ended in a show down. It found that only 24% of hands ended in a showdown, meaning that the other 76% were decided without anyone ever seeing the cards. If the cards were not seen by anyone, then they had little to do with the game. Therefore the game must be a game of skill.

    Will this evidence be enough to sway the jury of lawmakers? Only time will tell.